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    RN from Quebec to Calgary

    Hi, Thanks for the answer, i feel less anxious and will wait like you Said, not the best timing i guess ! Yes i did contact both places, they just told me to register but are not able to give me more informations.Start at the bottom for LPN or RN undergraduate salary scale? Nobody i called from those associations were able to Tell me its to make sure ill be ok while im finishing my BScn online course to be an RN There.
  2. fabie0288

    RN from Quebec to Calgary

    Hi, Im an experienced RN ( for QC) with 8 years of experiences.I am currentely planning to move to Alberta ( Calgary).I've been searching throught Google to find informations and calling the Associations for nurses overthere to make sure im making the right move with my family.They have helped a lot with general infos but nobody can tell me how its gonna work for me as a nurse coming from Qc because: 1. I dont have a BscN.... that means that i wont be an RN in Alberta i get that but if i have 8 years of experiences as in RN ( in Qc im an RN) will i be an LPN or is there another appelation? 2. If i'm an LPN overthere with experiences will the start me at the end of the salary scale or do i start like an LPN that just started? 3.Is there anybody that moved from QC to Alberta with RN licence ( college diploma) and work as an LPN that could help me out or know a college cause i really need to know how thats gonna work before i start theprocess to move with my family. Thank you :)