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    Tech falsified vitals

    This is why I take my own vitals! I trust no one!!!
  2. Sorry for the typos, I’m at work multitasking
  3. When I went today there was 4 us, two paramedics and two LPNs including myself. One of the paramedics got a really good score the first time but I he had already paid for the rest a second time so he just took it because he did not want to waste money lol. But idk what everyone else got. I’ve been looking on this forum but I don’t see much about the bridge. One of the coordinators said they usually get 30 applicants and take between 20-25 ppl
  4. She likes it, she is PRN currently and she says she’s able to maintain working and school. I will be going PRN as well if I get in. Your Kaplan score is great. I tried to reschedule for the 10th of October which would be 30 days but I guess not.
  5. Not as of yet, I was debating on rather or not I should take the test again to see if I scored higher but it won’t even let me register for it. It says I have to wait 30 days so if I’m not able to reregister tomorrow I’m just gonna go ahead and turn my application in this week. Did you turn in yours? If you don’t mind me asking what are your stats?
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    Gwinnett Tech Fall 2017

    Hello, did you end up applying?
  7. I am, I took my kaplan today and made an 80. My gpa is ok, I have a 3.2. My coworker is in the cohort that started in March and she also had a 3.2 but a 77 kaplan so that gives me hope.
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    Gwinnett tech LPN bridge 2020

    Hello all! is there anyone else applying to Gwinnett tech bridge program for the spring C term 2020? I’ll be submitting my application as soon as they update all my transcripts!