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  1. jennsrn

    Quitting my per diem?

    Newer nurse here. I have about 11 months of nursing experience. For my first 10 months of being a nurse I worked in a skilled nursing facility 4 days a week. I was considered "full time" and received benefits. I got a per diem job working at a LTC f...
  2. jennsrn

    New RN at SNF

    I agree. I would go with the Dialysis. I am also a (recent) new grad with only 9 months of experience. I currently work in SNF and although in my area, it pays MUCH more than the hospitals, dialysis clinics, and outpatient settings, I kind of regret ...
  3. I am not an experienced LTC nurse, but I've started my nursing career in LTC in September, so I have about 9 months experience. It's a lot of work, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't go to the bathroom and cry on multiple occasions. The patient load...
  4. jennsrn

    first job LTC need advice

    New grad currently working LTC/SNF. I now have 9 months experience. I wouldn't say I dislike LTC, but I would definitely say I hate my job. I'm trying to tell myself that not all LTC's are the same. LTC comes with a lot of stress, especially if you ...
  5. jennsrn

    Should I try LTC?

    I am a current "new grad", I started out in LTC/SNF in September, so I only have about 9 months experience. I was debating this same exact question, I was looking to start out in a strictly sub-acute facility, that probably would have provided me bet...
  6. jennsrn

    new grad RN needing some advice!

    I have been an RN for about 9 months now, working in a LTC/SNF. I am burnt out! Any area or specialty of nursing is sure to bring stress, especially as a new nurse, but it's to the point where I get extreme anxiety about going into work. I don't like...
  7. jennsrn

    Need advice!

    I think the anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed comes not only from the staffing issue but also because I’m taking care of so many people. The unit I work on is a mixture of acute patients (some have trachs, gtubes, catheters), and residents...
  8. jennsrn

    Need advice!

    I am a new grad RN (graduated May ‘19) and have been working at my current job as a floor nurse at a LTC/SNF for just about 4 months now. I absolutely hate it! I understand whatever area of nursing I get myself in to it will be stressful. I also unde...
  9. I just recently graduated nursing school this past May 2019 from a two year RN program. I like to think I had a good nursing school experience - I got a lot of experience in a hospital setting, and my last semester, my capstone preceptorship was a re...