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  1. I just recently graduated nursing school this past May 2019 from a two year RN program. I like to think I had a good nursing school experience - I got a lot of experience in a hospital setting, and my last semester, my capstone preceptorship was a really good experience. I took my NCLEX mid-July, and then I started job hunting. For 8+ years, I've worked for a senior living community, and thought that this would be a good place to start. They recently opened a new facility with a sub-acute unit, hiring primarily RNs. Unfortunately at the time I applied, they were on a "hiring freeze". The HR manager helped me find a position at another one of their facilities close to my home. The only problem is the position they were looking to fill was an LPN position, and it's in LTC. During my interview, I was under the assumption they did get a fair amount of rehab patients, were I would be able to get a similar experience to a hospital setting (trachs, IVs, G tubes), etc. Well anyway, I accepted the job offer because they were willing to pay me a very good amount of money per hour, it was fairly close to my home and I thought it would be a good place to start considering I had more than 8 years of service in the company. Fast forward to 5 days into orientation. I finally just had a day off and I have to go back tomorrow and I'm on the verge of tears thinking of having to go there for the next 5 days straight. I am taking care of 23+ patients, passing medications all morning and then trying to sit down and learn the whole documentation process and taking orders, and manually putting them into the computer. And the one patient who has a high acuity with a tracheostomy and a g-tube, has a RT that comes and does trach care and suctioning daily during the week, so I don't even deal with that. I honestly feel like I am not utilizing ANY of my nursing skills I acquired in school, and I'm nervous if I don't use them, I'll lose them. I primarily work with LPNs, since it is a LTC facility, and I was told that I was replacing an LPN that just left, and that they technically did not have a position for an "RN". All the RNs there are mostly RN supervisors, so I feel a little out of place. The Administrator at the property has spoken to me about potentially training for a supervisor spot once I am fully trained on the med cart, and with documentation, but I am a little weary about that. I'm trying to stick this out because a job is better than no job, and the pay is higher than average, but I'm finding it hard to stay positive. The LPNs that have been training me have been pleasant so far, but I can't help but feel everyone there thinks I'm incompetent and just plain stupid. I don't want to just leave because it has been a company I've worked for, for many years, but at the same time I am still bummed and upset about them not being able to hire me at their subacute facility, where I think I would flourish MUCH more. I'm trying to have a good attitude and outlook, but I want to make sure I am happy and gaining all the experience and skills I should be as a brand new RN fresh out of school. Sorry for the lost post, but any advice? Thanks!!