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  1. Charlotte?

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Good luck in school~
  2. Switching careers from Pharmacy to CRNA

    I think it would take you just as long because you have to get accepted to an accelerated program which is usually tougher than a non-accelerated program, get through the 12-15 months of school, get a job in an ICU (which many do not hire new grads),...
  3. Charlotte?

    Just wondering if anyone has been invited for an interview (or knows anyone who has) at UNC Charlotte for the October rounds? It says on their website that you have to have everything in 6 weeks ahead of the interviews which are in October. I had all...
  4. How to go about CRNA

    Since you are in your first year of nursing school, right now the most important thing is focusing on your current classes. Try to really study and understand the information and keep your grades high so that you'll be competitive come application ti...
  5. Do you feel ready?

    This is for current SRNA's and recent grads. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but when I graduated nursing school (BSN) I was asked many times during my orientation where I went to school. This seems like a natural question but I foun...
  6. Thoughts?

    Just wanted some opinions. I am trying to make a decision about what would be the better course to take... I graduated with honors with my BSN however my science gpa is just average, infact I got an A in my A&P1 and my second semester slipped and...
  7. Contracting MRSA

  8. Opinions please--Did I do the right thing?

    Yes you did. You acted cautiously and competently. Only patients know how they feel but sometimes B/P, and pain meds are a catch 22. Sometimes what the pt says and whats going on (behavior such as seemingly sleeping peacefully and vitals wnl) makes u...
  9. I am 23 and I've had patients ask me if I am 12! Used to bother me not for me but for them because if I were in an ICU I would be a little nervous if some guy who looked my little brothers age walked up and said he was my nurse. Now I just have fun w...
  10. Atrial fib. with PVC's?

    I know this is an old post but it hit close to home. I recently had a patient who was chronic afib and had surgery and postop they were still in afib with low B/P and CI's. We bolused with amio and started a drip but later in the shift it started loo...
  11. Bad Day

    Thank you so much for your responses, I am so glad I found this board. Writing it all out and getting it off my chest made me feel 10X better but then your posts really helped and brought up some good points. You are right about what we should take t...