Do you feel ready?


This is for current SRNA's and recent grads. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but when I graduated nursing school (BSN) I was asked many times during my orientation where I went to school. This seems like a natural question but I found that many times it came after me making a good clinical decision and perhaps maybe some not so great ones. I over time noticed there were certain stereotypes about the types of nurses we were based on our schools. For instance, new grads from school A, which concentrated heavily on nursing theory struggled clinically, where as school B was heavily clinically based and though there school was not as highly ranked those nurses settled quicker into their positions but would make mistakes when they lacked the understanding behind a concept, and so and so on for each school.

My question for CRNA students and grads is not what your rank is, or how hard is it to get in to your program, or even what your pass rate on boards is strong and confident do you feel in what you've learned? Do you feel prepared or that you are really being prepared enough to go out into the field? How do you feel you stack up against other students at other schools in areas of performance and decision making. Please share your thoughts and what school you are at icon10.gif

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