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AspiringRN has 3 years experience as a CNA, LPN and specializes in Geriatrics.

I was a HHA, CNA now I am a LPN.

I chose the harder road, but it is highly rewarding.

I have a unique perspective of the nursing field due to my job experience.

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  1. AspiringRN

    Taking NCLEX soon during COVID.

    Thanks so much! I used the entire Q-Bank of UWorld (went over it multiple times). I thoroughly read the rationales and made sure I understood them. I also used the NCLEX Saunders book. I read it throughout nursing school, so all I did this time around was redo all of the questions and re-read the rationales. I also reviewed my lab values. It helped so much! I went into the test confident and finished in a little over an hour. You can do this! Don't second guess yourself. You know the information. Stick with the answer you originally choose.
  2. AspiringRN

    Taking NCLEX soon during COVID.

    Hi, I took my NCLEX PN May 27. It shut down on me at 60 questions. I did the Pearson Vue Trick and got the "good pop up". 48 hours later I paid for my quick results and I found out that I passed. Good luck I hope you pass your NCLEX RN this time around! I studied so much that I had no anxiety during testing (which is different for me because I am a highly anxious person).
  3. AspiringRN

    Feeling anxious about nursing school

    Thanks! I used the UWorld website and NCLEX pn Saunders book. UWorld May be a bit pricey for some but it is worth it. It’s what helped me do so well throughout nursing school.
  4. AspiringRN

    Feeling anxious about nursing school

    I recently took the NCLEX PN test on May 27 and found out I passed yesterday. I haven't started working as a LPN. When I do, I'll update you and let you know the answer to your question. I am sure the difference is huge being that the job tasks are entirely different.
  5. AspiringRN

    How far out is NCLEX-RN scheduling? May 2020 COVID

    That is odd. I wonder what testing site they are going to. I took my test Wed.
  6. AspiringRN

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    @Cassie Boatwright I got the same pop up. I want to feel stoked but man would I feel like a fool if I open up my quick results and I fail. I’ll celebrate tomorrow if I pass. All that “good pop up” message does it relieve a bit of anxiety but it’s not a clear indicator of passing. Nothing is 100 percent
  7. AspiringRN

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    I had approximately 7 or 8 SATA, No drag and drop questions, No audio or picture questions, No med math, Mostly multiple choice, approximately 5 medication questions.
  8. AspiringRN

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    I am in NY. I am going to ease my mind and pay for the quick results which will be available tomorrow. I tried the Pearson Vue trick, it’s not 100 percent accurate (as I hear) but it eased my anxiety somewhat. I stopped at 60 questions in a little over an hour. How about u?
  9. AspiringRN

    NCLEX help

    I took my test today for the NCLEX pn. This is my first time taking it. If you failed, you’ll just have to keep practicing. I studied mostly UWorld and Saunders book. I did over 100 practice questions a day and thoroughly read the rationales. I would go back and constantly review the bank. When I ran out of questions with both Saunders and UWorld I looked for more practice questions to do on different sites. In my opinion there’s no such thing as too many questions. Good luck! I hope you passed!
  10. AspiringRN

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    Congratulations PN!! Indeed.com is a fantastic site for job searching.
  11. AspiringRN

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    Did you ever receive your results? This was posted almost two months ago. Wish I saw this earlier
  12. Hi, I was a HHA, CNA now LPN.

    Soon I will be working towards my RN.

    Yes, I climbed the ladder. This all taking place in my late 20s to now early 30s.

  13. AspiringRN

    Due to COVID-19, Postposted NCLEX TEST

    Hi, I happen to be from Ny. My test is May 27. I see many earlier dates (within the past week) have opened up. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
  14. Hello future LPNs and RNs, Were any of you initially bummed that your state test was postponed due to Covid-19? It has been a few weeks now since my test has been cancelled. I've had sometime to get over those initial feelings. My rescheduled test won't be until sometime in June. If you're currently going through the same thing, how do you stay motivated in studying with this huge delay in testing?
  15. AspiringRN

    New Grad Nurse

    I needed to read this. I failed my final nursing class this past Wednesday. The passing grade was a 77. I failed with a 74. I gave it my all and felt for the first time, the bad grades weren't my fault. My professor would test on Chapters he did not assign for reading, now I am suffering the consequence of having to wait a whole 4 months to retake the class and watching all of my friends graduate in 2 weeks. I honestly, don't know what to do differently when I restart the class, that's what scares me the most.......his tests are all over the place. Reading your post has given me hope that I will make it out of this situation somehow and earn the grades I truly deserve. I needed to read this and I am glad I found this post.
  16. AspiringRN


    Congratulations on the first step! I really hope you make it through the entire program. Hard work and dedication is what will get you through.

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