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  1. thank you for the info on how they likely place students, I did not realize that time stamp was a factor in the equation even though it makes sense.
  2. I decided to not retake the HESI due to my work situtation just did not have time to study. MCC, SCC, and CGCC are all about 20min away from me. Does anyone know how they go about selecting students? like do they just take every applicant who applied and just seat them in order from highest points ? For example 2000 students apply they put the scores in order no matter what school they want and then they just place those students or is by school? Has anyone turned in their application recently at any of these schools? would you know how many people so far have applied? I cant turn my application in until the 27th because of work but im very anxious. I know i am on the lower point side trying to stay positive though. Does not seem like a lot of people this round are posting on here compared to other rounds.
  3. WOW even without a degree you are sitting pretty high i believe you will get in your first choice great work!!! hope to see you in the program all your school choices are mine as well. except i put mcc am for first choice and pm as second from what i was told no they only take the scores from one test. i would retake it because you can choose which hesi test you hand in. the higher english grade will likely equal more points compared to a higher math . good luck
  4. im not sure but was wondering the same thing. i really was hoping to start this fall and would be bummed to start next spring but its my fault for not retaking the eng class. i just want to start asap so i know for sure i am applying to MCC and SCC but the last school i am unsure about i put Chandler but since they have such a small class i wanted to try maybe phx , i did MA with phx and it was not bad where are you guys all applying to? what i the points that you are going in with?
  5. okay thank you! i guess i better study for both but if i get a higher eng score ill likely go with that since that is worth more than the math portion.
  6. School: MCC, CGCC, SCC but i might change my top choice to SCC since the advisor there range is 75-85. MCC i heard is really competitive but for sure these are my choices. i may change chandler since they only seat about 16 students but will not go with gateway because the advsiors turned me off with thier rudeness. pcc i heard a lot of people dont apply because how inner phx it is so maybe ill change it to there? GPA : 3.43 (i will retake my english class if i dont get in this round to get a higher grade) if i get an A it will be 3.64 but that wont be until next round IF I DONT GET IN THIS ROUND HESI overall score : 87.50 English Score : 85.33 Math Score : 94.0 i have associates so 2.5points added Total points: i calculated 81.52 for me but will retake the HESI to get my scores up. at MCC last round the lowest accepted was 81.77 does anyone know if they take hesi scores from 2 test or only for one? for example i want to up my 85 on the english but dont think i will get higher on the math. would they take the 94 and take the higer english score?
  7. Monique Brantley

    Maricopa CEP 2019? (Applicants Dec 1st-January 31st)

    what school are you attending? that is positive news thank you
  8. Monique Brantley

    Maricopa CEP

    I am sorry to hear they lowered the GPA its like they are trying to make it harder to get in. I am in the same boat with the HESI and trying to up my points. do you know if they only take the points from one test or will they take the highest score from two passing test? like i doubt i would get higher than 94 on the math but i want to raise my english. I know that other programs DO hold seats for military im sure nursing is the same because on the application it asks if in the military or veteran. Good luck to you! im applying to mcc with ASU
  9. Thanks Ottawa was my first Choice but with the point system I have a better shot with asu or fpu. These are my 3 options asu price is scary but I have the highest points with them. I just dont want to end up in too muchdebt but also get a job. Fpu is 7500 right now for the bsn portion which is insane I'mreally considering it just need to know If I can get a job and transfer my credits for nurse practitioner I agree hope this round people sit out
  10. Monique Brantley

    Maricopa ADN waitlist

    For anyone who already did cep can you tell me what university your partnered with. My worry is ASU is too much 19k for just the bsn portion is insane. Franklin university is only 7500 this time around but idk anything about the school. I rather go here if I know the job market would consider me.
  11. Monique Brantley

    Maricopa CEP starting Dec

    I have posted on here for cep program period dec 2019-jan 2020 not too many replies yet but might want to check it out as it's getting close enough people should be posting on here. I was told by advisor 84 and higher is basically a high chance but low 80s is putting you in the risk field but still have a chance.
  12. Monique Brantley

    Bio 205 at Rio Salado

    i take my mditermf or bio205 and was wondering if it was questions from the book at the end.
  13. I'm not sure on clinical hours it does vary per semsester from what I was told just be open to all times. I doubt any will be night shift though. They took the application down to change it but as far as last app was only one university and 2 community college choices. I'm doing ASU with Mesa and unsure on the other. I have heard the inner city schools have less applicants usually (gateway and phx) mcc and gcc are always the most competitive but other schools have less seats. I feel the same way it's takingforever and still wont know until March if we get in!
  14. it is kind of hard to do without the HESI scores as that is important. you take your GPA for the courses with a star next to them. muliply by 10 so if you have a 3.60 x 10 = 35 Take the hesi score the math score multiply by 0.15 so if you get a 90 x .15= 13.5 and the accumulative english score multiply by 0.35 so if you get an 90 x .35 =31.5 If you have a degree : points are given (this round they actually chanced the points depending on degree so im not sure how that will play out with my calculation) and they will take away 10points if you failed a previous nursing program.
  15. I was going to go with ottawa honestly but decided not to because i could not finish my hcr240 in time. i may end up applying this round and if i do not get in i will be taking hcr240 in spring to apply with ottawa. My godmother went to mcc/asu for her cep and loved it. she talked me into asu because she was told in clinicals they look for schools such as asu, nau and u of a (state schools) i did like that ottawa was cheaper though. plus i have voiced me wanting to apply to both schools. ottawa has contacted me throughout this semester to check on my status and questions while asu was more treating me as any other number.
  16. When calculating my points depending on the grade i receive in Bio205 if i get an A i would have 82.16 if i get an B 80.76. I have heard that the closer to 80 the harder it is i was hoping to be closer to 85 i likely will retake me HESI to get a higher percentage for the English portion (i got a 85.33 in english and 94 in math). The C i got in Eng102 is killing my GPA. ) But enough complaining hoping to get some insight from others and how they feel about this upcoming round.

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