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    Hi guys. Just looking for some advice. I have been an Operating Room Circulating nurse for 13 years. While it has been great and stressful at times, I do not feel appreciated by management lately. The hours are not "horrible" compared to floor nursing, but I do take my share of Orthopedic Trauma call, and off shifts. I recently applied for a position as a Dermatology Clinic nurse and received a job offer. The offer was substantially lower than what I am used to.. which makes me somewhat questioning what to do. While I am a mentor for new nurses and help train them, I also feel excited to experience something new. I would miss my " work family" as I have known them for so so long. The pay is around $6/hour less.. but no more weekends, holidays, call, and can get out for appointments, etc.. ( I currently work call 1 weekend every 6-7 weeks, work call 1 holiday a year, and work one 11-730 pm shift a week and average 1 call shift a week) … I need advice on what to do... I feel lost and have to let them know by Tuesday. :( Yes, we can swing the difference in pay.. and would be nice to have a " set" schedule and be home with my kids.. but going from Trauma and excitement of OR to a clinic setting, Im afraid I may get bored in the long run? I feel like if I went this route, I could go back to school and get my NP.... but unsure what to do...…. Any comments, suggestions, advice? Thank you so much in advance... Feeling confused in MN....