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Need Advice

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by jamiejohnson1122 jamiejohnson1122 (New Member) New Member Nurse

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Hi guys. Just looking for some advice. I have been an Operating Room Circulating nurse for 13 years. While it has been great and stressful at times, I do not feel appreciated by management lately. The hours are not "horrible" compared to floor nursing, but I do take my share of Orthopedic Trauma call, and off shifts. I recently applied for a position as a Dermatology Clinic nurse and received a job offer. The offer was substantially lower than what I am used to.. which makes me somewhat questioning what to do. While I am a mentor for new nurses and help train them, I also feel excited to experience something new. I would miss my " work family" as I have known them for so so long. The pay is around $6/hour less.. but no more weekends, holidays, call, and can get out for appointments, etc.. ( I currently work call 1 weekend every 6-7 weeks, work call 1 holiday a year, and work one 11-730 pm shift a week and average 1 call shift a week) … I need advice on what to do... I feel lost and have to let them know by Tuesday. :( Yes, we can swing the difference in pay.. and would be nice to have a " set" schedule and be home with my kids.. but going from Trauma and excitement of OR to a clinic setting, Im afraid I may get bored in the long run? I feel like if I went this route, I could go back to school and get my NP.... but unsure what to do...…. 

Any comments, suggestions, advice? Thank you so much in advance... 

Feeling confused in MN.... 



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Hey Jamie!

It's a hard decision to make.  Could you go per diem in the OR so you don't completely leave your work family, especially while you explore a new opportunity?

You have to decide if the schedule and specialty change is worth it.  OR nurses are comparatively highly paid, so there usually is a pay cut to go most anywhere other than the OR (except maybe into an admin role).

Is NP your goal?  If so - that should factor into this.  What is your five year plan? Where do you want to be?  You have 13 years in an OR - going back is like riding a bicycle, and there won't be any real shortage of available positions in the OR anytime soon with boomers about to retire.

Yes, clinic may be less stimulating, but you'd learn a different set of things.  May be a great time to go back to school, and just enjoy family life more.  School may well make up for the difference in mental stimulation 😉

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I know it's past Tuesday, but whatever you decided, I hope you decide to stay casual at your old job.

I am also feeling confused in MN. I left my OR job one year ago for another OR job in a more boring hospital with better hours and more basic surgeries. I also took a pay cut. I wanted easy money, less call, to go home on time, etc. I HATE it. I'm bored silly, the people there aren't fun, I'm not a good culture fit, I miss working with residents, and am seriously considering going back. Unfortunately, I did not stay casual and lost 20 years of seniority with the company.

I also (surprisingly) miss working more off-shifts, weekends, and holidays. I love grocery shopping during the day, and love telling family I have to work on Christmas. I also miss sleeping in once a week or so. 

Food for thought! Hope you made the best decision for yourself!


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I made the decision to go for it. I start towards the end of this month. It is a non-union job, so they will not let me fill in and stay casual since its crossing from union to non-union within the same facility. However, they are toying with the idea of getting the clinic nurses in this area into the union, so if that ever happens, it would open the door for me to help pick up call, etc..... 

I am hoping I like the change. I am used to such a fast paced, quick thinking environment.... but keep thinking if I had turned this new job down, I may have always wondered " what if"... atleast I know I am leaving on good terms and can always " go back" someday …. 

Thank you all for your advice!!! 🙂 I will update this as I am able 🙂 

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