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    New Job with Kaiser - Negotiating Pay?!

    Thank you for the response! I guess I’m new to union contacts - so I’m wondering why is it that we don’t have the ability to negotiate with union contacts?
  2. Hi! Here are the details: Im an RN with just over 1 ye experience in med-surg inpatient hospital setting. I recently was offered a position with an outpatient Kaiser clinic. I was offered a generous sign on bonus, however the pay still seems a bit low. I know clinics get paid less than inpatient. I’ll be working in Seattle (very expensive city) Kaiser WA is unionized. I have my BSN But anyways, to the point! Do I have the ability to negotiate for more money per hour? Or do I have to accept what they offer bc that is what is set by the union? Is there any wiggle room for more pay? thank you for your help!
  3. Hi I’m sorry I haven’t been on here forever. It took 3+ months to get it to transfer... and CA is the side that takes FOREVER. Once CA takes care of their side, WA is relatively quick. But overall it’s a long process.
  4. Hi! I am a new grad that went to nursing school in CA and I have just accepted a job in WA. I need to transfer my CA license to WA, but I'm super confused on how to do it! Is there anyone that can offer any tips or outline the steps to do so? Thank you so much!