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  1. RNnurse2019

    Talking To My Employer

    So, I started a new grad job because I never heard back from the other hospital I interviewed with. After starting this job I received a job offer from the 2nd hospital and I accepted. This is also a new grad program. Do I have to tell the 2nd hospital that I was doing a new grad program somewhere else before I start with them? It wasn’t on my resume because I didn’t have my first job before interviewing.
  2. RNnurse2019

    Leaving a Position during Orientation

    So, I am a new grad nurse leaving my job during orientation to pursue another job at a different hospital. This hospital is not the right fit for me. My question is if I put in my two weeks will they tell me just not to come in since I am still training on the unit or will they make me work the two weeks? i just think it would be weird to continue training in a place I am not staying. Also, I’m in a union hospital so I’m not sure if that means anything or since I am in a union they have to maybe let me work the two weeks? Also, if I am resigning from my position do I have to submit a form or something with the union or just with my manager and hr? Thanks
  3. RNnurse2019

    New Graduate Switching Jobs Dilemma

    Hello Everyone, I am in a dilemma. I have accepted a job in an undesirable location, however it is the preferred unit I would like to work on. Currently, I am a few months into the new graduate program. I signed a two-year contract to be with this company. However, shortly after beginning this position. I was offered a position in my dream location that I could see myself working at for a really long time. However, in this hospital, I would not be working in my dream unit to start. I am hoping to switch into my dream unit in a few months. It is not guaranteed that I will switched to a preferred unit. What should I do? I'm wondering if from experience I should choose my unit or location. If I stay with my current position, I will want to leave when my contract is up in 2 years to move to a better location. Right now, I currently have both jobs, and I am unsure of which to leave. Thanks