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  1. Heather Hughes

    Patient's "right" to abuse nurses...I need your opinion

    I believe over time it’s become acceptable practice to allow patients to abuse nurses and it’s totally NOT acceptable. I believe you were right to state clearly to the patient that her behavior was unacceptable and then you must set clear boundaries. I have gone as far as to tell a patient I’ve given you your meds and addressed all your concerns at this time I am now going to take care of others I will check in with you in an hour please do not ring for me before that unless it’s an emergency. Many patients need the constant attention some are just spoiled but clear boundaries are acceptable. It’s not abuse to stand up for yourself. The reason to keep returning are the patients who are thankful and respectful you can’t let one bad egg ruin the whole basket.
  2. Heather Hughes

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    I think if you choose to live in an area that has this type of weather concerns( hurricanes hit Florida all the time) you need to have a plan in place for your family and work. If everyone leaves then hospitals, nursing homes etc all close???? That makes no sense everyone has family and everyone who stays certainly is in danger but you chose to live in that area..... get your child to safety and go to work. As for the issue of abandonment it is not if you didn’t take the assignment......no more then if you called out sick would be considered abandonment
  3. Heather Hughes

    What do you say when calling out sick?

    I think in nursing it’s hard to call out sick because it’s what we do, take care of the sick,frail,recovering and for some reason many including our nurse managers expect we are super human but in reality we work with more germs then most and DO get sick. We should never be made to feel badly about getting sick, we shouldn’t have to explain our illness nor require a note because we have a day or two of feeling ill. We should as anyone else does have the right to have an illness or even perhaps need a mental health day because as most of us know we are over worked, stressed out and tired....... we all get tired and then sick wether physically ill or in need of some US time. I don’t believe it should require lengthy explanations.......that being said some of us work with a vulnerable population and therefore for the patients sake we should be responsible enough to pass on if we have some thing that is contagious like the flu or strep (as examples)as those illnesses can pose a threat to certain populations. Our facilities should understand and be prepared to cover the shift of an ill employee my work place as most has a policy stating you must call 3 hrs prior to the start of your shift however I rarely wake up at 2 am to see how I feel and if I will need to call work to inform them I’m not coming in so I think this policy is only realistic for evening maybe night shift nurses but one may feel fine at noon and sick at 2 pm sad we can’t plan all illnesses to suit work. What bothers me more is working side by side with the nurse who didn’t call out while they cough sneeze run a fever etc spreading their germs to me and others because they felt they HAD to come to work. To bad for management I say stay home PLEASE. I promise I will and I’ll handle the guilt thrown my way...... frankly if your working for the right employer with the right co-workers they would rather you stay home as well.

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