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  1. catamounts30

    RNs running ECMO on adult patients

    Just take the class. I've seen some colleagues with very questionable skills running ECMO; of which we have to watch very closely; anybody can learn it.
  2. catamounts30

    Scared RN 😱

    YOU WILL DO GREAT! Being scared is normal and a good thing it means you're learning and are humble. NP school is a BLAST! You will have some transitory anxiety in the beginning that will go away and as an NP will feel just as comfortable as you are now in your current job. One bit of advice.... GO TO NP SCHOOL ! All the best to you
  3. catamounts30

    Army Nurse

    Hi Spring, I was interested in processing as a 66S Army Reserve RN, I'd love to pm you but unfortunately it will not allow me. One of my biggest questions I wanted to ask someone as yourself directly was if I joined as a Critical Care RN, and let's say in a year or 2 wanted to attend crna school full time, I would continue to drill etc, but was wondering if they would then accommodate a new contract for a crna in the reserves?
  4. catamounts30

    ARMY STRAP detailed version

    This is absolutely and I appreciate your detailed overview. I was wondering if there would be any downside to joining the reserves as a Critical Care Nurses, and if I was then suddenly picked up to atten CRNA school? The recruiter mentioned it was possible to like do a new contract, etc, I'm actively applying to CRNA school so just don't want to get locked into an RN situation and not able to take advantage of STRAP and transition as a CRNA for the Reserves.
  5. catamounts30

    Army FY 2019

    Dear Msnapper, just a question regarding the Reserve side. If one was to join Reserves as a Critical Care Nurse, with the intent of ultimately being a Reserve CRNA, would it be possible to still attend CRNA schooling and obtain support from the Reserves to be a CRNA or do you have to finish the Nurse obligation?
  6. catamounts30

    New nurse (BSN RN) interested in joining Army Reserve

    Hi Pixie and Laura, I had a question regarding the reserve side. Ultimately I'm interested in becoming a CRNA in the Army Reserve, in the meantime I was wondering if it was possible to join as a Reserve Critical Care Nurse, just worried during that obligation if I was accepted to start a CRNA program would that interfere with my current obligation as a Nurse and then further processing a CRNA contract with the Army.
  7. catamounts30

    Army FY 2019

    Hi everyone, I had a question about Army Reserve Critical Care. I was interested in processing as a Critical Care Nurse however I was wondering what would happen if during this time I was accepted to a full time graduate program ie. CRNA ? If at that point would it be possible to then transition/apply to the STRAP CRNA contract all without completing the Nurse obligation?
  8. catamounts30

    Army Nurse Corp Reserves advice/input on experience 2016

    Agreed, i think the vision requirements are pretty liberal. congratulations!