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  1. SPikett

    Northeastern ABSN Fall 2020

    It looks like you all are in Boston. I just applied to the school in Charlotte. However, the price is crazy to me. Very overwhelmed by it. I am also having a really hard time finding info from students in the program.
  2. SPikett

    Northeastern University ABSN program in NC

    @redshott- did you happen to apply to NEU program? I'm desperately trying to find info about their ABSN program and not having much luck. I applied to the Spring 2021 cohort but I can't really figure out how I will pay for it! Only issue for me.
  3. SPikett

    WSSU ABSN 2021 Start

    This is SO helpful as I just submitted my application last night!! So, when is the program "done"? It says Graduation 5/21 for you guys? When do you guys take the NCLEX? I'm trying to wrap my brain around how this works. Thanks!
  4. SPikett

    WSSU 2020 ABSN

    So, I haven't gotten an email response from the school when I emailed a few questions last week. It says in the application that transcripts CAN be unofficial. I just received a transcript from a Summer class I just finished and it has a big "Unofficial" stamp in red across it. I'm surprised they are OK with unofficial.
  5. SPikett

    WSSU 2020 ABSN

    OK- I have another question. Do I have to wait until an acceptance to the University before applying to the ABSN program?
  6. Hello I applied on 7/6/2020. The application is online this year on the ABSN home page. I emailed someone from the nursing department and it is, in fact, open for you to submit since I saw the online application was open. You can not go on campus to walk your application in. I have linked the website below. It won't let me post in the group because it says it has to be approved by a moderator.


  7. SPikett

    Northeastern University ABSN Program Spring 2020

    Hey Alex! I’m planning to apply in spring 2021 to Charlotte campus. In addition to some other schools. However, I’m trying to wrap my head around tuition.....I have no idea how I’d be able to make that work. Did you get accepted?
  8. SPikett

    WSSU 2020 ABSN

    For those of you that were accepted into the program this year – what is the schedule like? And very much good luck to you all!
  9. SPikett

    WSSU 2020 ABSN

    Thanks! I have met with Garrison twice now. LOL She probably hates me. I have been triple checking everything. I am discouraged making a C in A&P1 but my other pre req are looking higher so I'm just praying. I don't have any other options in my situation and area. So, unfortunately it is currently my only program I am applying to.
  10. SPikett

    WSSU 2020 ABSN

    @queentutt28- Thanks!! That is encouraging. SAT meets requirements. I was seeing some of you all posting 3.6+ previous degree GPAs and I was like, "I had no idea what the hell was going on as a 19/20 yr old and its miracle I got a 2.9!"
  11. SPikett

    WSSU 2020 ABSN

    I am interested in Applying to WSSU ABSN in 2020 (for 2021 admission). I am discouraged about my GPA. I currently have a 2.97 for my previous BS. I am on track to get a 3.4 or 3.5 with updating my pre-reqs (my previous degree is 11 years old). I'm worried this isn't enough and wondering if I should still apply? Has anyone been accepted with this GPA? I agree with many of you that it would be SOOOO helpful to also be able to apply with a resume as well! :(
  12. SPikett

    WSSU 2019 ABSN!!!

    I was excited to find this thread!! I just started "renewing" my sciences this fall at a local tech college in hopes of applying in 2020 for the ABSN at WSSU. I have tried to get more information from the school and haven't had much luck. I'm not even applying yet and scared to death. I am also planning to apply to UNC. However, my BS from 10 years ago I have a GPA for 2.97. That was when I didn't know what I wanted to do (and most of the low GPA came from art, history, etc classes). I am 100% dedicated this time and will be getting a 4.0 in my sciences before applying. Does anyone know if this will count in my favor or are most school going to immediately throw out my application? I know WSSU is a minimum of 2.8. But UNC, UNCG, and A&T are both 3.0. Also, I will have to wait on UNCG and A&T to get CNA. Has anyone done that?

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