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smiling_riley BSN, RN

Psychiatric Nurse (Intensive Treatment)
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smiling_riley is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric Nurse (Intensive Treatment).

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  1. smiling_riley

    Flowsheets Comment in EPIC

    I’ve been seeing other people leaving longer comments in the flowsheets comments section and I’m getting frustrated because mine stops me at a really short character count. Usually I don’t need to leave a long note in flowsheets but there are times with the behavioral health section that a patients SI plan is longer than what the tiny box allows. If I can provide clarification please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  2. smiling_riley

    Night Shift Life Schedule

    Thank you! I’ve been playing around with waking up earlier or staying up later to fit in working out and having my free time. I know a lot of it is gonna have to be through experience as I get settled with my husband and both of our routines begin. I’m super into planning so I’m hoping to have a decent idea of how my normal week would look once I start working.
  3. smiling_riley

    Night Shift Life Schedule

    Hi guys, I am a new graduate who is working night shift (7 PM to 7 AM) and am wondering about scheduling around night shift. My husband is starting college so it’s not particularly important that I be up during the day, and in fact I will probably keep my night schedule the same on my days off. What I’m wondering is how others schedule meals, the gym, and other activities around the night shift life.
  4. smiling_riley

    Typical Night Shift Psych

    The unit I interviewed for is an intensive treatment unit, I assume there will be a split of people who sleep during the night and people who don’t. I’m pretty excited and still hopeful that I get the offer. Thank you! I am so excited for the possibility of working in the psych hospital on the intensive treatment floor, psych has grabbed my heart from the very beginning and has interested me MUCH MORE than med surg floors.
  5. smiling_riley

    Typical Night Shift Psych

    Hi all! Ever since I went through my mental health rotation I have fallen in love with psych nursing and therefore have applied (and interviewed) for a psych job. The job is 12 hour shifts from 7PM to 7AM. I was wondering if anyone worked the night shift and could give me a basic run-down of their shift. I know that there are events such as code greys which may or may not happen during the shift, but other than those, what do you normally do between these hours? Additionally, do you have any tips for a new nurse heading into Psych?