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Richard Michael Brett is a BSN and specializes in ED, ICU, CARDIAC STEPDOWN.

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  1. Richard Michael Brett

    Carson Newman FNP Program

    Does anyone know about Carson Newman’s FNP program? They say they will find preceptors for you. Is this true?
  2. Richard Michael Brett

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Houston January 2020

    If you are going to Chamberlain for your BSN, I would look for local cheaper options. Everybody offers BSN programs online.
  3. Richard Michael Brett

    Chances of getting in Chamberlain?

    Does your check cash? It is a for profit school. I did and regret it.
  4. Richard Michael Brett

    Sawyer Initiative

    For what I understand the Sawyer initiative is supposed to require NP schools to supply their students with preceptors. What is the truth here?
  5. Richard Michael Brett

    Preceptor FNP Student

    What is the Sawyer Initiative and does it have “teeth”. There programs popping everywhere online. This easy money for the school. WE ARE UNABLE TO FIND PRECEPTORS! Especially in women’s health and peds. Once again nursing has screwed ourselves over. Do PA’s have this problem? NO
  6. Richard Michael Brett

    CRNA for the older RN

    I have been a RN for 12 years I have 16 months ICU but presently work in the ED for the past two years. And worked in cardiac step down unit. ( it would probably considered ICU by some hospital standards.) I 53 now but the time I got accepted into a program and completed I will around 56. I plan to work until 70. I have a good GPA as BSN student. Would me being a more mature student hurt my chance in being accepted to CRNA SCHOOL?