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  1. I ended up resigning during orientation and am currently reapplying and looking for a new job. I was only in orientation for 3 months. Should I put the experience on my resume or not put it and apply as a new grad. This was my first nursing job. I had a lot of issues with preceptors and was given a 2 weeks or we fire you, so I resigned and told them the unit was not the right fit. Should I include the short experience in my resume?
  2. Didizain

    Bad orientation should I leave

    Thank you for all the response. I had a meeting with the chief nursing officer and she tried to put all the blame on me and was not owning up to any fault at all on the preceptors. I ended up resigning respectfully and told them the unit was not a good fit for me. They claimed to delay processing my resignation for a few weeks. I am still trying to find another job in the system but it isn't easy with it being few jobs right now. I will keep looking though and hope this doesn't bring me down. Thank you everyone.
  3. Didizain

    Bad orientation should I leave

    I have been on orientation since October. My preceptors have not been great. I was held back because one of them has been saying I'm not ready to move on to more sick babies. I was being yelled at a lot. I wrote a letter to my educator about the situation. The second preceptor who had teaching me appropriately is now different. After writing that letter, she is more short and picking on every little thing. I was given 2 weeks to show improvement or I have to quit. They wont help with a transfer or anything. I am constantly stressed and feedback has been so poor no matter what I do. Should I quit? Please help.
  4. Didizain

    NICU interview at Cohen's Advice

    Hey! I actually did ultimately land the offer. Congrats on getting the interview. Don't be nervous, but prepare for it. I hope it goes well and we end up working together. Good luck!!
  5. Didizain

    NICU interview at Cohen's Advice

    Hi! So I had my second interview, which also allowed me to shadow some of the nurses on the unit. I thought it went fairly well. I sent an email a few hours later to the nurse manager and she said that the nurses like me and they are still interviewing. I am not sure if that is a bad thing, good, or neutral. I really want the job. Has anyone had similar experiences. How long after your interviews did you receive an offer?
  6. Didizain

    Northwell: Cohen Children's Medical Center

    can anyone tell me about the hiring process for the nicu at cohen
  7. Didizain

    job shadowing

    I have a job shadow upcoming and am really nervous, any advice would be appreciated, its in the nicu level lV
  8. Didizain

    OR nurse vs. PACU nurse?

    thats great! did it work out for you
  9. Didizain

    How to get a clinic job?

    I think you have enough experience, I would just apply, maybe ask any doctor office you frequent
  10. Didizain

    NY to CA

    if you hate it and don't mind moving, then why not
  11. Didizain

    OR nurse vs. PACU nurse?

    pacus usually hire experienced RNs but i saw a place recently that had a pacu fellowship
  12. Didizain

    Travel nursing

    did you do it?
  13. Didizain

    Help me name my business

  14. Didizain

    Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    i would wait, you don't know what is going on, especially if you don't recall doing anything to warrant firing
  15. can you tell me about the shadowing and interview process
  16. how did the job shadow go

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