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  1. Didizain

    NICU interview at Cohen's Advice

    Hi! So I had my second interview, which also allowed me to shadow some of the nurses on the unit. I thought it went fairly well. I sent an email a few hours later to the nurse manager and she said that the nurses like me and they are still interviewing. I am not sure if that is a bad thing, good, or neutral. I really want the job. Has anyone had similar experiences. How long after your interviews did you receive an offer?
  2. Didizain

    Northwell: Cohen Children's Medical Center

    can anyone tell me about the hiring process for the nicu at cohen
  3. Didizain

    job shadowing

    I have a job shadow upcoming and am really nervous, any advice would be appreciated, its in the nicu level lV
  4. Didizain

    New grad nicu interview

    I am a new grad and applied to Cohen's NICU in LIJ. Does anyone have any experience with their interview process and does everyone who interviews shadow?