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    Questions about morning blood sugars/insulin

    I really like that idea of putting a label on diabetic trays. Definitely something I think we should consider.
  2. Hi, I am trying to help improve the morning insulin administration on my floor and I would love to hear from nurses everywhere about how your facility manages morning blood sugar and insulin coverage. On my unit, our night shift does morning blood sugars and insulin administration between 630 and 7am, change of shift at 7, breakfast trays come out at 0730. Most of our AC/HS insulin is usually rapid acting insulin. I just have the following questions and any extra input/suggestions would be appreciated. 1. Which shift does blood sugars and insulin administration at your facility? 2. What time is morning insulin given? 3. What time do breakfast trays arrive? 4. If you are day shift and you do morning insulins, how does this affect your morning?