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techitalia has 8 years experience as a EMT-B and specializes in EMT/CPT/Outpatient Care/LTC.

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  1. Were you a bully in high school?

    The term bully wasn't really around until just a few years ago, when placing labels on everything known to man became the thing! In highschool in the late 80s' where I grew up which was a massive HS in Houston, you didn't get but hurt over people pok...
  2. Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    The 9 Rights of Medication.. I remember when it was the 6 Rights, only 7 years ago.
  3. Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

    I'm thinking they're going to have us Techs/Phleb's start doing things out of our scope to make up for the shortages in LTC. Aide's and nurses are quitting or just physically run down.
  4. Surefire Tips to Starting the Toughest IVs | Knowledge is Power

    Thank you for this article! Working as a travel phlebotomist in mainly nursing homes, and naturally almost every patient is the elderly, I can relate to all these great tips and advice, even if I am not starting IV's. This works also for basic phlebo...
  5. covid shot dates and info
  6. We were taught in school to circle the bite and write the time the bite occurred. True about baby rattlers, they are more dangerous as they don't let go after striking. They're fangs stay latched on, injecting more venom. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    I hope your feeling better, and yes that was too high up!! I cringe everytime I see nurses, new one's, old one's, other emt's giving ridiculous and embarassing shots, using weird method's, sloppy handling of sharps. Seen it all after giving these mas...
  8. Advice for difficult blood draws

    Thanks! Those are great tips. I forgot about the tourniquet tip, I'm so used to putting one on.
  9. Advice for difficult blood draws

    Help. I have started a new mobile phleb position drawing nursing home patients. Nearly all are challenging and require more patience and time. I just discovered and have been using a vein lite.. lifesaver. Any added tips or advice from the pros out t...
  10. How do I find a clinic/primary care job?

    There aren't many RN's working in primary care simply because clinics hire CMA's to work with the providers, or LVN's, depending on how big their staffing may be.
  11. Covid-19 Among The Navajo Tribe

    Stay strong TreeJ! You are a true blessing to everyone!
  12. See about volunteering at a Fire Department. You might have to take a couple of NIMS certs. first. Or, see if you can do ride out's with an ambulance company.
  13. Case Study: Sudden Severe Pain

    Where and what types of foods have you eaten in past 48 hours? Last BM? Is pain localized to R Flank? Colonoscopy/GI records? History of GI problems?
  14. RNs being phased out of urgent care?

    In our UC, the CMA's do all of the work, including the start of IV's. The LVN does not, she just trains and check's off the CMA's on their competencies. There are no Paramedics in our clinic, mainly I think because they don't want to room patients or...
  15. AMA Looks to Retrain Doctors on Taking Blood Pressures

    CMA's are probably better at taking BP's than you would think. They do it all day long in most clinics, and manually at that. They are given this training in most good CMA school's, as they are replacing RN's now, because they work for less. As an E...