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  1. majamieann

    Foreign Nurse

    Is there any foreign Nurses here in TN area that undergo CGFNS evaluation?
  2. majamieann

    CES report for TN

    As far as I can see only few states require IELTS I hope they will not require that. Yes, I have my credentials evaluated.
  3. majamieann

    CES report for TN

    I mean not CGFNS Exam IELTS exam?
  4. majamieann

    CES report for TN

    I have my credentials evaluated at CGFNS so it is meant to say TN required a CGFNS exam? When did you have your credentials evaluated?
  5. majamieann

    CES report for TN

    are you a foreign nurse from the Philippines? Did you take IELTS or any exams or just NCLEX
  6. majamieann

    CES report for TN

    Hi did you get your CES report already.
  7. Hi I wanted to Know if after the issued report for CGFNS for the state of TN did they require an IELTS?
  8. majamieann

    Application For Foreign Nurses

    I am a foreign nurse here in the United States. I sign up their portal in order for me to get the qualifications I need. I just wanted to ask if someone tried to sign up this portal? and for foreign Nurses applying in Illinois what are the steps take...