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  1. Fayren

    Killing them or helping them?

    I think after writing all of this I know that the problem is some what through we need to have an inservice with pain meds and hospice pt. normally I am not the one to ask for comfort meds none of us are normally hospice does it on their own and gives us the order but without hospice allowed in they just do phone visits throughout the week with the morning shift nurse. I speak to on call on the weekend. Hospice can't do their job properly they can't see their pt. So it feels like I'm the only one doing it because maybe other nurses aren't use to. I just always work weekends so I'm use to bothering hospice by asking for new orders or seeing it before being a nurse. Now it just seems worse normally hospice will nip nurses like her quickly like speaking like you guys.
  2. Fayren

    Killing them or helping them?

  3. Fayren

    How accurate is the Pearson Vue Trick?

    I've done it for my self and 4 different friends 2 friends whom failed. It showed the bad pop up 2 friends and myself good pop up. Second time my other 2 friends did it again showed bad on first friend good on the second and every time the trick worked. I know there are people whom found it doesn't work but so far it has for me and my friends I have helped. Besides 60 questions, yeah you passed.
  4. Fayren

    Killing them or helping them?

    I've always questioned giving morphine to hospice pt. But I've never minded it so much. But lately I feel like I'm pushing comfort meds to pt. I work weekend doubles and when I come in I find that I am the only nurse who has given medication in a week. I was angry at first knowing that the nurse through the week hates hospice and wants to save everyone. I love that about her but at the same time its not always our job to save people. She's been pushing the evening nurse not to give these meds to the 2 pt whom need it most the night nurse will sometimes give it. A few weekend ago I walked into my pt room he was crying. Asked me to kill him, tried to kill himself by pulling tubes or pulling off O2. I called the Don had him moved to isolation so family could visit when he was unresponsive after having he pulled his O2 off for to long before an aide found him. I asked fm about comfort meds. They said yes. This last weekend again pulled out tubes in pain. Asked hospice to up pain meds. They did. He recently died. The nurse on morning shift asked me if I liked killing my pt. If it gives me joy? It hurt so much I've started to question myself. I just had another pt. Moved to comfort meds after talking to family hadnt eaten in weeks curled in bed constantly yelling out if an aide so much as touched him refusing anything but sublingual meds. She asked me if he was next. I've talked to my DON and she says that my choices are good and that I'm helping them pass. She's mad at the other nurse but I don't want her to be, I'm just debating on if I'm helping or if I'm killing. If maybe I'm pushing to hard to let them die. I know my job isn't always to save but by giving them these meds I'm afraid I'm just killing them. TLDR: giving pt. Morphine pushing comfort medication?
  5. Fayren

    Correct way on passing meds

    I only wear gloves if I need to just as long as I hand sanitizer in between and wash hands between every 3 reaidents that is state law here in ok. But some pills I do wear gloves because the pills can effect you through skin. . .just make sure to change gloves and still hand sanitizer and wash as needed or recommenden.
  6. Fayren

    New title same place

    I'm a new graduate, my job paid for me to get my lpn license. I was so happy, I love my job passing meds I thought I would love being nurse so much more but after 2 days of training and of week of being a charge nurse, I am miserable, I am crying every day and I hate it. I feel overwhelmed so much. Every day I've been on 2 halls with 45 residents on morning shift. I cried literally to one of my co workers and she told the office staff and they said yeah maybe it was a bad idea to start me like that but the other nurses wont do it. I cant quit, I cant complain and I hate not being able to take true care of my residents its horrible.

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