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  1. Marie Adele

    CNA| Suspended 3 Days D:

    I went back to work and everything is improving. Well, honestly the stress part isn't just from the work-load but also from my coworkers. There are some coworkers that are just plain rude for no reason. They make everything more difficult than necessary with their unwillingness to work together and their dramatic attitudes. But I confronted them in front of the head nurse and now they aren't acting ridiculous anymore. I will find a different job before my career is jeopardized, though. I have realized there are so many tedious safety procedures we are required to follow that if management isn't doing their job, we can't do ours. For instance, not all the care plans will be properly filled out that we rely on to adequately care for the residents... then we get blamed for not caring for them properly but the information isn't there. I love nursing but it is an obstacle course. I am jumping hurdles left or right.. or not... sometimes I just fall on my face!
  2. Marie Adele

    Supplies for A & P 1?

    Book, paper, binder, few pens. I keep it simple. Got b in ap1 and a in ap2. Best of wishes!!
  3. Marie Adele

    CNA| Suspended 3 Days D:

    So, as I take my prereqs for the RN program, I am also working full time as a CNA. I wasnt working but ended up having no choice but to work due to financial issues. So, i got myself a job as a CNA at our local nursing home. I dont mind the hard work, im always busy, and i love that. The residents are sweet, although, i hate not having enough time for them. Any CNA knows it's a busy job. In and out of the rooms and on to the next, unfortunately. Well, a fresh aide and I were transferring a resident and didn't put the gait belt on the woman beforehand. Lo and behold, resident quits bearing weight, new aide isn't very strong, we lower the resident to the floor. Aide aissted fall. Today I'm asked to come in. Suspended for three days for failure to follow care plan. Guilty as charged. Ik better and God willing I will never transfer another resident wrongly. I was informed that had the resident broke any bones, we would have not only been terminated but investigated by state and charged with abuse and neglect, lost our licenses, and possibly faced jail/prison time. I ended up crying in front of my boss. Not only from what she was telling me but all the stress from this job is overwhelmingggggggg!!!!!!! There is so much to do, which leaves so much room for something to go wrong. Im afraid I will end up in some nightmare situation and my license revoked and everything I've worked for in nursing down the drain. Not to mention, some of my coworkers are so rude. This job relies on communication, so, they help nothing. I have to work but i just am overwhelmed. Im always in a rush. Not enough time I feel to properly care my residents, dramatic coworkers, it's just a ticking time bomb. I want to be a labor and delivery nurse. I cant risk losing my future career.... Like I said, guilty as charged. Never again will I transfer without the gait belt. But what about all the other chaos? How do I keep my head above water??? Jesus, help me.
  4. Marie Adele

    New CNA work for a medical agency

    Yea, welcome to life as a CNA. Running around mad, like a chicken with your head cut off. Resident's family needs this, coworker needs help, nurse asked you do to xyz already, and 5 call lights are going off oh, and your co workers are MIA, as usual. Btw, shift end, get ready for who did what, pointing finger, blame game. Idk what it is about CNA/nursing home work, but it is chaotic at times. I figure it is a great proceeding to future RN work. Basically, everything you experienced is unfortunately normal. Experience, respect, etc is earned/gained. Just put your head down, learn your job as quickly as possible, and cover your butt. Dear God, use your gait belt for transfers and let your coworkers hostility roll off your back. Be nice to the newbies.