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  1. ichibanHERO

    TEAS 6

    I would do research on that school. See what past nursing students have said about the program etc. It’s always a good idea to make sure you do well on the teas and have a decent gpa anyway. If the program is extra competitive you’ll have to have a really good gpa.
  2. ichibanHERO

    TEAS 6

    The questions give you a good idea of what will be asked but I highly recommend going in depth more into the topics on site likes khan academy if you’re only going to use the manual as a study source because it’s only a guide to guide you in the direction of what concepts will be asked overall. What nursing schools mainly look at depends on what school you apply to. Some are heavy on gpa others looks more at teas. It all depends
  3. ichibanHERO

    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    If you want to sue your school just do it. We don’t have to justify nursing schools rationale for program requirements, that’s not our job. You asked us what we THOUGHT schools would say the reason was and now you don’t like the answers and want us to back it up with evidence? You clearly have some issues with how things are so do something about it.
  4. ichibanHERO

    TEAS 6

    I studied for about two weeks with the ATI SmartPrep package. You get the study guide, both online practice exams and their subject learning tutorial (whatever you want to call it). I was pretty weak in English (I hate you grammar) and math and the tutorial part of the package was sooooooooooooo helpful. I don’t think I could have gotten above 80% with just two weeks of study without it honestly. The package is expensive ($250) but I bought it when it was on sale for $160 and it was so worth it.
  5. ichibanHERO

    Comparing Teas Practice tests vs Actual test

    I scored about 9% higher on the actual TEAS than I did on the practice tests. But, I made a lot of mistakes due to not reading the whole question and just being tired (don’t take practice exams at 1am lol). I probably would have scored the same as I did on the TEAS if it wasn’t for those silly mistakes. With that said, I do feel the practice exams were harder than the actual TEAS exam but they were comparable.
  6. ichibanHERO

    Having hard time with TEAS: reading section

    If you’re a slower reader you should read the question first. Do not read the answers. After reading the question go ahead and read the entire passage. No use in skimming it for the information the question asked as you’ll probably have multiple questions on the passage. As you’re reading take mental notes and ask yourself what is the passage telling me? What is the overall point? Etc. There are many elements to the reading section in regards to what it will ask you. The only way to improve is to practice. In the beginning take your time and read slowly but as you progress in your study try to read faster because you don’t want to spend too much time on one passage.
  7. ichibanHERO

    Best TEAS practice book/resource

    Buy the ati smartprep package. Yes it’s pricey but so worth it. I bought it when it was on sale for like $160 but it’s normally $250. Best time to buy it is like around January-February. It comes with the 2 online practice exams, the study guide and the online tutorials that focus on each section of the teas and gives you quizzes and tests within each section and really helps you learn things you’re struggling on.
  8. ichibanHERO

    Taking Micro & A&P 2

    I’ve been in your situation before! The best thing to do is to maximize productivity. Set aside at least 4 hours a day for studying, organizing notes, completing assignments etc. 2 for A/P and 2 for micro. I recommend the pomodoro technique to minimize burnout. I had classes in the morning so after class I would give myself 2 hours to relax, watch TV etc and then faithfully at 4pm I would study for 4 hours.
  9. ichibanHERO

    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    At my school (and probably the majority of schools here in Missouri) they require prerequisite to be within 5 years. The reasoning (in my opinion) for this is to ensure that you haven’t forgotten the important foundational information that would make you more successful in nursing school.