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PamtheNurse has 28 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in Education.

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  1. Melissa, It has been a minute since I last posted in allnurses. Yes, I did finish my doctorate and published it just about 30 days ago in PROQUEST. I have not yet received notification of public access availability, therefore I have no shareable...
  2. Are You or Someone You Know Burned Out?

    NursLitt, Thank you for your comment. The prevalence of burnout is word-of-mouth known and often studied in nurses and educators. However, little is known of burnout in nursing faculty. Since nursing faculty is unique in its role research is ...
  3. Thank you for all of the survey responses there have been so far. More are needed! Please feel free to tell and post to any nurse or nursing faculty that has 10 minutes to help identify burnout interventions for colleagues.
  4. Are You or Someone You Know Burned Out?

    Thank you all, great posts, and ideas for change. I know that nursing faculty is just returning for a stressful new semester start, under our nation's current circumstances. I am as a colleague asking for 10 minutes of nursing faculty member time t...
  5. Thank you for your assistance. I am looking forward to more survey responses. I know that nursing faculty is just returning for a stressful new semester start under our nation's current circumstances. As a fellow nursing faculty, I am asking for 1...
  6. Kelaaax3, Could you please clarify whether you work only weekend "on-call". Or do you have other hours you must work besides the weekend "on-call"? As a former hospice nurse I have seen and worked in both models, neither is sustainable without...
  7. Mental Wellness: Where Do We Go From Here?

    BBear2102, I do hear your plea. Yet I must state the replies thus far to your article sum what I have found personally and in reading research. The one reply is of someone who is going into education to make a difference, and ideally, that is ...
  8. I messaged this for approval to go live on for my research data collection to begin. I am disappointed, I have not heard from anyone, nor has there been visible progress toward the goal of data collection. Is there some helpful actio...
  9. Are You or Someone You Know Burned Out?

    All interesting and provocative thoughts!
  10. Dear Faculty, I am a doctoral learner under the direction of Dr. Ronnie Boseman in the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University. My name is Pamela Newton. I am conducting a research study to study to determine: if or to what exte...
  11. Are You or Someone You Know Burned Out?

    Burn out? Me? It was me. Multiple times. And, recently yet again. After writing the two most recent allnurses® articles it became obvious to me that I was dealing with burnout. I, the one doing a dissertation on the topic, was burnt out. ...
  12. A Writer's Learning Journey

    Julie, I appreciate your comment and support! My nursing and now journey in the education of nurses has been an interesting one to-say-the-least. In nearing the research phase, and therefore the end of my doctorate pursuit. I am looking forwa...
  13. A Writer's Learning Journey

    Like the teen going to Summer camp, I have had on my journey the anxiety; did I bring with me what I needed? Yet I had, like the teen in Summer camp, the excitement of discovery while leaving behind the known and finding the new. The experiences gath...
  14. Nurse Graduates, Nurses, and Nursing Faculty Burnout

    RN-to-BSN, COVID-19 has exacerbated the best and the worst. Thank you for your comment. PamtheNurse
  15. Nurse Graduates, Nurses, and Nursing Faculty Burnout

    OUxPhys, I appreciate your comments. I and many others have stated similarly. However, nothing seems to be happening to alleviate understaffing. It has been thus for a very long time. The culture of nursing that supports the generalist training a...