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  1. Isthisright

    PBSC Nursing Applicants FALL 2019

    is fau or pbsc better for nursing? I'm gonna take pre-reqs at pbsc
  2. So I'm 20 and want to be an rn. I don't really think I can go to school for 2 years and take pre-reqs. I need a job. The lpn program is 12 months. Should I do that then enroll in a lpn-rn bridge program?
  3. Isthisright

    Care Hope College in FL?

    Anyone know is CHC in FL is legit? Anyone graduate from there? I can't find a lot of info on it.
  4. Isthisright

    Thinking about starting pre-reqs this month.

    It's not a job I can just do. It's in the arts.
  5. I graduated HS in 2017 and didn't know what I wanted to do or if I wanted to do anything. My big dream in life is kinds unrealistic but I'd like to achieve it soon I just need a plan b and a job. Nursing is my second passion. Anyways, how long do pre-reqs take? People say they take 2 years. If they take 2 years then that means becoming a nurse takes 6 years of schooling because you have to take pre-reqs and get your bsn. Can I do them in a year? I work full-time so I'd have to take online classes and weekend classes. I'd like to work in the picu and pediatric oncology. What do you love about your job? Is it worth it?