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  1. Ememz

    Chances of getting in Chamberlain?

    Hi! I applied for Troy campus. I’m not sure how competitive it is. I turned in my passion for purpose letter yesterday so now the waiting begins and I’m super nervous.
  2. Hi guys! I just wanted to talk about my chances of getting into Chamberlain. I took some science courses at another university and did miserably due to depression from losing my friend to suicide. I transferred to a community college and did way better a year later. My GPA is 2.98 I am going to take my HESI soon and I really want to score high so I can be in competitive due to my low GPA. Do you think they will accept me? I have been freaking out all month about it. Also some tips for the HESI will be greatly appreciated !
  3. Ememz

    what are my chances to get into chamberlain?

    Hey there, thank you so much for replying. I am worrying a little too much. I applied for the Troy Campus, what about you? Also what year did you/ will be starting? English is my second language also and unfortunately I did poorly with vocab on the HESI. Did you take a few classes at other schools before you applied? I’m worried they will see I didn’t do well in some science classes and reject me
  4. Ememz

    what are my chances to get into chamberlain?

    Hey there! I am in the same position as you :( my GPA is around 2.98 and I got a 64 % on the HESI the first time. I am retaking it again in Tuesday and nervous if I don’t score good again. Did you ever get a reply back?