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  1. Hi! 

    I saw your information on one of the feeds and decided to reach out. First, CONGRATS on getting into UTMB!!! Im actually looking to apply there as soon as I finish my Nutrition class and take my teas. Im really interested in knowing about the personal statement as I'm not sure how detailed or not detailed I should be. I have no idea where to start with it. Any suggestions or advice would really help :) Thank you!

  2. alyssakeira

    UTMB Tradtional BSN Spring 2020

    Yes i did get an email
  3. alyssakeira

    UTMB Tradtional BSN Spring 2020

    Hi! I have been keeping up with this forum for awhile now but it’s my first time now commenting haha. But I got accepted yesterday at 8:48 am! I SCREAMED and bawled my eyes out bc I was so scared of waiting and waiting since I finished all my prerequisites. I was not waitlisted nor was I accepted; It was just ‘completed’ in the portal. I think I got accepted the “2nd wave” is what you might call it, which was so weird bc I thought I got declined from over a month ago when they did the 1st wave acceptances and so I gave up and tried other nursing programs (or so I thought). My Teas score is not that competitive at all in my opinion as it was a 78 compared to my other friends that made it in the Fall 2019 with an 81 and 84 (both having 4.0s). I was actually studying to take the TEAS again set for next week to apply to TWU spring 2020 ,but that’s out of the picture now LOL. My GPA throughout on all scales is a 4.0, and I would have to say that I poured my spirit into my personal statement and I made it more personal than analytical; overall I was confident about it. UTMB is actually my 1st choice and I’m so excited to see everyone who made it! And hopefully the people that are waitlisted are able to join us as well!!! Ahh

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