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  1. Nurse Residency: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    OMG thanks for making this thread! I applied to CHOP on Thursday last week and then got a response asking to record myself answering questions the day after. That was last Friday and I havent heard from them since. Im getting a little nervous be...
  2. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2022

    Hate to be that person but is anyone else coming from out of state getting a little discouraged by some of the new grad salaries in Houston? I am coming from a different state and will also be applying to hospitals here. I know it's all relative to t...
  3. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    Hey sorry I am responding so late, I had missed this for some reason. I had emailed them at the time to check if my writing intensive class in social science would pass but they said no and I ended up buying an english composition course...
  4. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2022

    MD anderson and st luke application were pretty easy. All they asked was for my resume and transcript. No cover letter or anything else. Did anyone include a cover letteR?
  5. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2022

    Does anyone know how much we would be getting paid as nurse residents? I know that residents get lower in general but does anyone have an idea?
  6. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2022

    I applied to MD anderson and all they asked for was my resume. It was their stem cell transplant unit. It was a residency
  7. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2022

    Hey everyone! I saw that there was a residency thread for Spring but not for Summer 2022. I graduate in March 2022 and I believe a lot of the Summer cohorts begin in June/July. I plan to move to Houston once I've written my NCLEX! Where is everyone c...
  8. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    For the people who have already accepted their enrollment, did you receive a breakdown of everything with tuition, housing, technology fees, etc? I know sometimes some schools put a tuition price fee on the website but when you confirm your enrollmen...
  9. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    I am in the same boat! My mum is trying to pitch in as much as possible and I have a little money saved up from work but it won't be enough... I really don't want to take out private loans but it may be my only option
  10. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    I will definitely do that, thank you!
  11. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    I was thinking to do this too but not sure who in the department to ask specifically about this. Ashley said she couldn't give me an answer. and wow I'm shocked they haven't given you an evaluation yet considering you received an acceptan...
  12. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    Oh okay, how long has it been since you received your acceptance.?I know that the transcript evaluation is supposed to take about 2-3 weeks. I'm wondering if I should quickly purchase an english course and get started because I have no clue if mine w...
  13. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    hey if you don't mind answering, what course did you use for the english requirement?
  14. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    It around 5 weeks for me. Maybe you will hear next week if u did yours on the 14th Did anyone here use a differnt course to substitute the english requirement? Or did it have to specifically be an english course? Does anyone know if they ...
  15. Drexel ACE Nursing Program Spring 2021

    I just got my acceptance for this Spring cohort! Woop Woop! However I am a bit worried about the english requirement. I did not take a specific english course but I took lots of social science and humanities courses that were very writing...

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