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KatmamaRN has 18 years experience as a ADN, RN.

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  1. KatmamaRN

    Working in a group home setting

    If it’s anything like my experience, you would not be allowed to work without on site supervision at all times. I had 3 people who I had to give them and say I would be with them, in case someone called out, etc. it worked out well as I worked in a...
  2. KatmamaRN

    Please help.

    I don’t have any answers for your questions as my situation was different, but I do agree with caliotter3 that it might be a good idea to do something different while you rehab. You could still have repercussions since you’re still a “nurse” but you...
  3. KatmamaRN

    A week later, and the job is done

    Thanks y’all. It feels good to be done, but I’ll never be the same. It did leave a scar on my psyche in addition to public information that will always be out there. Isn’t it funny...my very “private” diagnosis is out there for all the world to se...
  4. KatmamaRN

    A week later, and the job is done

    One week past my contract date, and I am DONE. Nerve-wracking TIL the end, to say the least, but 5+ years of mental stress can now be put behind me. It was very matter-of-fact, as I have no history with the new case manager, but she was nice enough....
  5. KatmamaRN

    Well I’ll be!

    Thanks y’all. I’m two days past my “end” date but I still haven’t heard anything. This test usually takes a week, so I figured this would run into next week. In my mind, it’s already over ?
  6. KatmamaRN

    Any SC participants out there?

    My assumption is they test for alcohol with every test, but especially if alcohol was a DOC, I’d expect it.
  7. KatmamaRN

    Well I’ll be!

    Thanks y’all! You’re absolutely right, and I’m normally so patient. My hubby tried to make me feel better about it too. We have a weekend planned that I was hoping to relax a bit and even have a celebratory shot of sake or wine tasting @ Biltmore ...
  8. KatmamaRN

    Well I’ll be!

    Two days before my contract is up and I’m selected to test. Results usually take a week to come back. I’m not sure what this means as far as my finish date, but I will NOT be a happy camper if this is extended pending results. Not a day longer...(...
  9. KatmamaRN

    Down to single digits....

    Did they make you wait on test results to “officially” be done. I had never considered that until someone mentioned it here. I know I’m clean, but I don’t want to wait one more day beyond the contract date.
  10. KatmamaRN

    Down to single digits....

  11. KatmamaRN

    Down to single digits....

    Thank you! It’s sooooo close. I kinda knew what to expect with my old case manager but she left a year ago. I’ve never even really talked to the new cm but she seems more strict. I can’t wait to be able to file all my paperwork away and not look ...
  12. KatmamaRN

    Down to single digits....

    ...and still haven’t tested since August. What were your last couple of months like? I feel sure they’ll test me at least once more before it all ends, but they don’t have long. I’m antsy because I want to be DONE on my date and not held up waitin...
  13. KatmamaRN

    And just like that... it's over.

    Congrats! I can’t wait to taste that freedom. I’m down to 10 days and haven’t tested since August. Now I’m freaked out that I would have to wait past my “date” for any results if they decide to test? I’ve been a model prisoner for five years...hop...
  14. KatmamaRN

    I feel like I'm losing control

    First, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. Life sure does suck sometimes and throws us curveballs we don’t desire or expect. I agree with keeping this under wraps. Perhaps some alcohol treatment or detox would help, but let me just say, a lot of...
  15. KatmamaRN

    Do you miss it?

    I do miss my doc, ambien, which is not what I got in trouble for (I was positive for opiates on the job). I’ve had to be on opiates while in this program, with permission, and I didn’t have any problems when I finished them. But I was abusing ambie...