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  1. Hello all, I am recently considering enrolling for UTA's RN-BSN online program. What really caught my attention is the time one can complete it in (assuming everything is transferrable), the cost (very broke jobless RN at the moment), accreditation, and apparently, they're a very good school. What I want to know is can it really be completed in 9 months as they advertise? has anyone done it in this time frame? especially if they do not live in Texas? I am from California and I am also contemplating another online program from the university I received my first bachelors in back in 2016, Kinesiology, but their program is 16 months and I have very ambitious goals to begin BSN-DNP after having 1 year experience and so finishing in 9months would be ideal as I can work for a bit after finishing that program before I start the next (assuming I get over a 3.5 GPA in the RN-BSN). If you have completed the RN-BSN degree online form UTA, any insight is appreciated regardless of the time it took you. I also want to know what the classes are like, is it possible to do with a full-time job? (I've done it before with my previous degree but online is very different), and anything else you would like to add. I did read somewhere that one class that is required by Texas is some sort of history of the state (weird!), but other than that did you find that all of your classes transferred without any issues? Thank you all
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    Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate it :)
  3. I am a brand new grad (may 2019), no luck getting into mew grad programs yet. I met someone who knows the supervisor of a clinic with an urgent care and said she would speak to the supervisor about me. I would like to be an ED nurse at some point but I've heard that if i start off in urgent care is almost impossible to get into ED because urgent care is not considered acute care experience. Is this true? will I have trouble finding an ED job after urgent care? Should i keep looking into acute care? I really don't like med/surg or SNF. My dream is to work in ED or ICU. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.