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  1. lariasvazquez

    ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    They will give you instructions on how to do it but you will most likely use castle branch to upload all the required documents. I cant remember the cost. Also, asu website has great resources for scholarships. I used it and it was very easy to use a...
  2. lariasvazquez

    ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    I'm not sure if there will be any changes for 2020 but I paid about $38,000 (spring 12,500; summer 13,160; fall 12,150). This includes about $2,000 for health insurance which some of you may not need to get through ASU. Hope this gives you an idea. T...
  3. lariasvazquez

    ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Congratulations to everyone who was accepted to the program. I'm in the current cohort and last year the previous cohort met with a few of us in Tempe to talk about the program and answer some of the many questions we had. I'd like to do the same for...
  4. lariasvazquez

    ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    I saw a post about what it's like being in the program with kids and I wanted to give some input. I'm in the program now about to finish the summer semester and I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. There are several moms and dads with kids of all ag...

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