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    NCLEX Study Review. Old RN but still a goodie!

    Hello! This is such an inspiring story. I’m not in a similar situation but I can relate. I graduated may of 2019 and I applied for my license in New York but for some reason, maybe it was the fact that I went to school out of state it took months before I got my Att. During that time I tried to study, well I did but because I didn’t have a time frame I didn’t go as hard as I should have. I am uworld currently and I tried NRSNG but I didn’t like it, the lectures were too much and too long. Like you I prefer the shorter version of lectures. I received my Att just yesterday and I chose to do my exam October 2nd. I wanted to do a content review but they are too pricey for my budget. So I’m just doing questions and hoping that it will be enough. I wish you all the best
  2. Kimmi_1993

    NCLEX-RN help

    Thank you. I will check it out
  3. Kimmi_1993

    NCLEX-RN help

    No I have not, what is that?
  4. Kimmi_1993

    3rd time NCLEX

    You will do fine. I’m praying for u. Mine is scheduled for October 2nd and I’m a bundle of nerves. How did you prepare and how was the exam for u?
  5. Kimmi_1993

    NCLEX-RN help

    So I’ve been studying for my NCLEX-RN for about 4-5 weeks now and I did my assessment today on uworld and it says I have a low chance of passing. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, what more I need to do, or how to even go about it. I haven’t received my authorization to test but it should be anytime soon within the next 2 or so weeks. I feel like I have been putting the work in but this assessment obviously proved that I have not been. What more can I do, I welcome any suggestions. Please help me
  6. Kimmi_1993


    So I have been studying for the NCLEX-RN about 3 weeks and for some reason I’m not even close to where I need to be and my exam is 3 weeks away. I’m using uworld as a study tool and I listen Mark klemik audios. I do about 30 questions per day and review the rationales when I’m done and I also take notes on both the ones I get right and wrong which takes me all day. However, I feel I’m not getting it because I’m still not able to retain and interpret the information. I don’t know what more I need to do. I’m so anxious, I’m wondering if I should do a content review like hurst but it’s so pricey. I know if I should take the exam anytime soon I would fail. Please, I need help.
  7. Kimmi_1993

    I need help

    Hello, I was hoping someone will be able to help me and give me some advice. So I graduated in May 2019 and due to financial issues I wasn’t able to register for my NCLEX until now. But I feel like I’m at a disadvantage. So I have register and paid the money now I’m just waiting for my authorization to test. After graduation I use to study a little bit but after a while I stopped because I wasn’t motivated anymore. But as of about a week or two now I have started back studying since it won’t be long till I test but I feel like I’m all over the place. I bought the Quick facts for NCLEX but I haven’t gotten around to it, I’m using uworld but I do roughly 30-50 questions per and I listen to Judith Miller videos as well as Mark kliemek videos. I study for roughly 6 or so hours per day. I go over content by listening to these videos, taking notes then doing questions, and reading the rationales. But I feel like I have forgotten everything I have learned and nothing at the point is sticking. Is there anything I can do to better my chances of passing. Thank you in advance