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  1. safias

    WGU prelicensure Dallas

    I’m kinda confused! Haven’t heard back anything yet and my status is still qualified for consideration. Does that mean I haven’t been accepted to any cohort yet? I asked my advisor a few times and all I’m getting is that I need to wait for an email or phone call Does anyone know when the next few cohorts are? Is it every month? Thanks y’all!
  2. safias

    WGU prelicensure Dallas

    I was just recently employed at UTSW and I mentioned that in my letter of intent. Do y’all think they would avoid putting me in that cohort since I work there?
  3. safias

    WGU prelicensure Dallas

    Congratulations everyone! How did you guys choose the UTSW cohort? I didn’t really get a choice but I did move from another state and apply before I did I haven’t heard back either. It still says Qualified for consideration. What are the chances of being denied?? I’m so anxious to find out! I login every ten minutes!
  4. safias

    Accepted to WGU Pre-Lic BSN

    Thank you so much for the update! I’m moving to Dallas to start the pre licensure program. The only thing I am concerned about is working while taking classes. I need to work full time to not only pay for my living expenses but to also receive health benefits. Is it possible to work while in the program especially with clinical? I know you said in one of your posts that they tell you the dates 1-2 weeks in advance. That’s very difficult when it comes to scheduling my shifts. Also, how many hours a week or day did you spend on studying / homework? Do you have any tips and advice? I’d like to pass all my classes the first time and I plan on dedicating so much time to them. What other resources should I use besides the videos, YouTube? What’s the best way to study for these exams? When it comes to studying, were you able to find people to study with? I’ll be new to Texas so I won’t know a single person out there. I’d like to have a few study buddies to keep myself motivated. How does that work? Do you see other student in the same cohort as you? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi, Is anyone currently in or applying to WGU’s pre licensure in Dallas,Texas?
  6. Hello,

    anyone starting or in WGU prelicensure in Dallas,Tx? 

  7. safias

    WGU- Pre Licensure Dallas

    Hi there! I’m just waiting to submit my transcripts and I’m hoping to start in November! You should check with an advisor and see if you meet all the requirements. Then they tell you when you can start!