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    Took NCLEX twice and failed

    I have been struggling with major anxiety for a long, long time. I basically have been fearful that I’ll just fail again and again. I also had to start a full time job to be able to pay for my student loans. I work second shift and it’s been really hard to balance that. Life kind of got in the way. I used HURST material and UWorld the first time. I just used UWorld the second time. This time I’ve taken Kaplan and NCSBN. So I’m willing to try anything. Yea, I’m not perfect. I have heard stories of people passing after being out of school for awhile. Of course it’s not something I’m proud of, but I have to get there and motivate myself everyday.
  2. lindslou14

    Took NCLEX twice and failed

    I graduated with my BSN a year ago in May. I took the NCLEX the first time in June and found out i failed with 75 questions. I took the NCLEX again in september and found out i failed with 265 questions. I had to find a full time job as a CNA in order to be able to pay for my student loans. One thing led to another and here i still am, still haven't taken it. I have been so mad at myself because everyone i graduated with passed their nclex either the first or second time and I really feel like a failure. I used HURST and UWORLD the first time. Then just UWORLD the second. Do any of you have any advice? I really feel defeated and have had to go to counseling because i have a really bad fear of taking this test and failing again. I feel really alone in this and like im never going to pass.