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    I told myself that if I passed the exam, then I would write a post on here discussing my experience. I passed and so here I am as a first-time poster! :) First of all, I spent the last month or two looking through this discussion board for any and all information of what other people have said in the past about the exam and how to spend my time efficiently in studying. Thank you to all of those people before me who have posted insightful comments and information as I used those to my benefit. I wanted to agree with what most people had mentioned: the Liek book is your GUIDE. Know the information in that book from COVER to COVER for content review. I would also recommend using the 700+ questions in the back of the book and answer them over and over. On top of that, I was able to listen to Hollier videos, which further helped with content review. During the exam, Amelie's voice would randomly pop into my head as I was reading a topic and that helped to narrow down choices for certain questions. I have test anxiety and so I definitely needed to practice questions and how to answer questions. Luckily, my school offered Board Vitals as part of the program so I made it a point to at least do 100 questions (in review mode) a day so that I had some exposure every single day even if I didn't spend the day studying (i.e. if I was at work or had a busy day). I thought that some of the Board Vitals questions were very difficult (and sometimes not really relevant to what I wanted to review) so some days I scored pretty low in the 60s. I also purchased the PSI practice test through their website and purchased the APEA practice exam as well. I thought that the APEA practice exam was difficult and scored borderline (this was 3 weeks ago). I took the PSI practice exam 1 week after that and scored in the high 80s, which gave me a boost of confidence. I would not use those scores as reference as they are just "predictors," but I thought it was helpful in being exposed to more questions and reading through rationales. As Amelie would say.. "Take a big deep breath!" You are almost there... Hope this helped!