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  1. Glendale Community College Winter/Spring 2021

    Me too!! so exciting.
  2. Glendale Community College Winter/Spring 2021

    Yay. So happy for you. Ready for the Zoom orientation. Did you get accepted for the evening weekend or which one? Hi Love. The TEAS are different, but same concept in general. Buy the practice exams from the ATI website, they will defin...
  3. Hi

    Is the TEAS the same when you retake with  Gcc. Currently going through remediation process. Thank you 

  4. Glendale Community College Winter/Spring 2021

    I'm sorry to hear. It's a rough road. I had to wait a whole entire year to get in but thats also because I failed the TEAS the first time. I took the TEAS last year through and failed, which was devastating. I passed on taking it again on Fall/Summer...
  5. Glendale Community College Winter/Spring 2021

    Hello guys. I found this threat and I just received my acceptance letter from GCC, for the weekend evening.
  6. TEAS Remote Proctoring

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share my experience with the TEAS using Proctoring. I took my exam yesterday and scored a 73.3%, I studied on and off for like 3 weeks. I bought the GCC study guide and bought the practice exams from ...
  7. Glendale community College Spring 202

    Hello, thanks so much for your comment:) you did great , congrats. Did you ended up getting in the first time you applied? Also how was the teas? Are you in nursing school now. And thank you so much
  8. Glendale community College Spring 202

    Hi thank you for your comment. Wow you did really good, congrats. Are you in nursing school now? Which one did u ended up going for? Also was the teas, and how did you study? Did you also got into both the colleges the first time you apply
  9. Hello guys, Decided to start this community for all the pre-nursing students applying to Pasadena, Glendale, pierce, college of the canyons, Moorpark etc. Im currently super nervous about getting in but trying to stay positive. My gpa is a 3.3 and I...
  10. Hi guys, I barely found out about this website, which I found extremely helpful. I am a pre nursing student, recently completed all my pre-reqs. I'm applying in all Los Angeles county colleges, but I'm really scared my GPA is a 3.3 and I haven't yet...