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  1. Ivylyu19

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    oh ! what you told me is very helpful! I never know such specific information. thank you again! hope you could get your approved letter soon!
  2. Ivylyu19

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    thank you! yes, I had already applied the licensure, as you mentioned, you send the contact form to them, and then you got the approved email? I appreciate your kindly help.
  3. Ivylyu19

    Chinese nurse

    I am a Chinese nurse. I am waiting for my education to get approved right now. Is there anyone else from China? Do you feel hard to find a job in the USA? please share with me your experience, thank you! I hope that I could meet some friends here we can support each other spiritually!
  4. Ivylyu19

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    could you share with me how long did you take to get the new York approved email after you completed your CVS? my CVS report had sent to the New York nursing board for more than 1 month, but I didn't get any notice. thank you for your help!

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