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  1. marycarol15

    Baylor Scott & White Nurse Residency Fall 2019

    her name is sydney! i think she’s in a cardiac stepdown!! I got a job at cook children’s so i’ll be real close! congrats!! & good luck to everyone!
  2. marycarol15

    Cook Children's October 2019 Nurse Residency

    i think just verbally right now?
  3. hey!! send me a DM if you can! we both got into med surge at cook!

    1. k.mck.1234


      Hey girl! I just tried to message you but it won't let me send any private messages for some reason 😕

    2. marycarol15

      marycarol15, BSN, RN

      same 😂 okay well if you want to be facebook friends my name is mary carol myers and then my insta is mary__myers!

    3. k.mck.1234


      I am about to add you on both! 

  4. Hey everyone! I decided to start this post for anyone who is applying for Baylor Scott & White’s nurse residency and to keep everyone updated! Good luck!