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PollywogNP has 44 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, LPN, NP and specializes in Med-Surg/Tele/ER/Urgent Care.

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  1. @SilverBells, out of curiosity is it the same with vehicles? Lots of people drive large suvs/trucks they really don’t need but as status symbols. I know a medical assistant driving a hummer working 2 jobs and medical assistant driving Older escalade that had to rent a tire as she couldn’t afford to replace the tire ( who knew you could rent tires!). I’m driving a 15 year old vehicle. In NP school there was a coworker one year behind me that was looking at the schedule & asked how I hardly worked any shifts. Well second year is harder, but I also said I bet you drive a nicer car. She had a new Mustang while I drove a 3-4 year old Toyota Corolla bought used at 1 year old that I paid off before I even started NP school. So SilverBells you drive a Landrover? Lexus or Mercedes?
  2. GThis reminds of the time as a Navy nurse I was drawing blood from a patient when a higher ranking nurse (0-6) Captain which is the equivalent of a full bird colonel, came on the unit. Protocol is that all stand & acknowledge her arrival, but I didn’t want to take my eyes off the vacutainer tubes & the patient’s arm. She stood there and loudly cleared her throat. I finished drawing the lab before standing to greet her. Yup later heard from my C. O that I had not stood up when the captain arrived. But of course left out the part about being in the middle of lab draw. Twice in my career of 44 years I have had 2 RNs ask if I knew who they were ( speaking of self important people). The first came to borrow a flashlight & when I pointed to the drawer is when she asked if I knew who she was. Yup you’re the nurse without a flashlight. The second time I was an ER nurse taking a pt to the ICU. Turns out this nurse her husband was/is the weatherman for Ch. 9. I didn’t know who he was since I live in different city, so my response was “ well you’re the nurse who’s getting this patient. “ My responses were honest and at the same time I was bemused that they would even think that they are more important than anyone else.
  3. I didn’t need a 3br2ba house for just me & my daughter. One she had friends over in middle school and one girl asked her how many people live here? It was investment & it was great price. I had accountant do my taxes when I had a part time job as 1099 independent contractor job. He told me he rarely sees someone that owns the house. Rose Queen is right. You are letting an image of what success might look like determine your image of what successful people buy. Reminds me of the show Weeds where everyone drove a leased fancy car and no one owned the homes they lived in.
  4. I paid $85,000 for 3BR/2BA double garage on 1/3 acre in 1997/8. It had been on market for over 1year, the owners were divorcing & not selling the house was holding up the divorce. They had painted very poorly each room a different color, the carpet was gross with animal pee stains! They were asking $95,000 originally & had dropped the price to $88,000. They didn’t even know they had a septic tank that they poured concrete over to put a hot tub on. 7 years/5 people and septic not emptied. I paid it off 3 years ago & paid $10k for new roof, $4k new windows, $10 to restucco,, $12k for refrigerated air & new furnace. $600 for porcelain tile & $5k to remodel guest bathroom. Luckily as a veteran didn’t need down payment. If you can’t afford new & don’t need large McMansion, look at fixer upper that you gradually fix over time. My goal was to have it paid off before retirement. Goal met & now will be moving to a smaller house upon retiring in 4 years. It was walking distance to parents house was big factor in buying the house.
  5. PollywogNP

    PICO Help

    Translation is for written language, interpreters are used for spoken language.
  6. PollywogNP

    COVID Faces

    I arrived at my current clinic June1, I kept getting my front desk staff names mixed up for the first month, had to learn hairstyles, shoes, even now I listen for the way someone walks. The first time I saw my medical assistant’s face I didn’t recognize her, had been 6 weeks working with her! I’m high risk so wearing N95+ cloth mask. I wear a welders face shield that I can flip up as soon as I step away from people.
  7. PollywogNP

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    OP; The saying is “Getting Flack” which means receiving criticism. Slack means loose.
  8. PollywogNP

    Texas Board of Nursing and WGU Pathopharm course

    What’s is “pathopharm”? Is this a combined pharmacology & pathophysiology course?
  9. PollywogNP

    allnurses Time Travel

    Date: August 1977 Username: TeenageLPN Hi Everyone, I use graduated last week from LPN program at the community college. We go to the state capitol next month to take our board exams. It’s a 2 day test with everone from the entire state there since the board exam are only scheduled twice a year. We are going to stay in a motel before driving back home. Then the wait for the mailman to see if you passed can take a couple of months. The class before us said if you get a small envelope that’s your nursing license, but if it’s a large envelope, it’s the application to reapply to take the test again. I was hired as a new graduate LPN in labor & delivery, kinda scared. I will be responsible for preparing the mom in labor by shaving her in a “poodle prep” and giving her the enema. I also have to do the Apgar score on the baby, put the eye drops in & take baby in an isolette to the nursery upstairs! My parents are not happy with me because I decided to wait a year before going on to get my Associate as RN. I’m just not sure if I want the responsibility of being an RN at 20 years old. Heck in my class there were 6 of us that started at 18, we have to drive to Texas to buy beer! We joke in class that we can carry narcotic keys but can’t buy liquor in our state. And since L&D wear OR scrubs I won’t have to wear my nursing cap! It won’t stay on,every time I turn my head it slides around. I am going to keep taking full load of classes in case I do decide to keep working as a nurse for a while & in case I want to get my Bachelors since there is no local school to get a BSN. So excited to be a new nurse.
  10. PollywogNP

    Need to vent - UPS lost "textbook".

    Former faculty, perhaps professor has copy you can borrow? Once had a student come in with her book that her dog ate! The big fat med surg book that’s 4 inches thick, loaned her spare copy until she could get a use date book online..
  11. Former faculty, she will need all vaccines current to attend clinicals usually at hospitals and without MMR can not complete pediatrics or labor & delivery/nursery or any clinicals. She can not be the vector of disease transmission. The clinical sites determine the requirements for students.
  12. PollywogNP

    NBC's The Nurses - Just another nurse show?

    Just watching the trailer was difficult to stay focused, it basically sucked! THe charge nurse and who is the woman with the accent? Nope this show is doomed! ER was the only medical show that actually represents nurses working with doctors in a realistic manner. I actually watched all 15? Seasons when covid started. The trailer was on the first post on this discussion
  13. PollywogNP

    NBC's The Nurses - Just another nurse show?

    Just watching the trailer was difficult to stay focused, it basically sucked! THe charge nurse and who is the woman with the accent? Nope this show is doomed! ER was the only medical show that actually represents nurses working with doctors in a realistic manner. I actually watched all 15? Seasons when covid started.
  14. PollywogNP

    Polite way to deal with AWOL CNA’s?

    Agree with laying down the law firmly. I once found my CNA in empty pt room near the window bed, sitting in the pt recliner chair with her feet up on the chair & the curtain pulled. If you walked by you would not see her feet, I was looking for a rolling IV pole. Yeah wrote her up. I’ve had to tell a CNA to get off her phone as dinner cart had arrived & yes it’s your job to pass & collect dinner trays. She actually told me she was applying to nursing school & someday she would be telling me what to do. Never happened, last saw her when she completed her RN to BSN where I was nursing faculty & had received my MSN/FNP.With vital signs be wary when everyone has temp 98.6 pulse is 80 & resp 20, nope. Don’t do their job for them. Be firm, be kind, but do not let them tell you when they are going on breaks, write down break times & mealtimes on assignment sheet. They don’t leave the unit without talking to you first. I once worked with an RN hat would’ve sit in break room reading Harlequin novels (he would) and expected others to come get him if his patients needed anything. I put a stop to that, the charge nurse was afraid of him.
  15. PollywogNP

    New grad nurse—school board nurse opportunity

    Locally school nurses must have BSN, looks like you have Associate degree? Zero experience as a nurse in any setting? Why you would even consider this job is baffling!
  16. PollywogNP

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    No students loans ever. LPN & ADN lived with parents, worked weekends as LPN. Paid cash for BSN, used GI bill to pay for MSN, FNP. 3 siblings with bachelors degrees; no student loans, both brothers Electrical engineers, sister accounting; no student loans for my daughter graduated 2017 with bachelors, used lottery scholarships, work study, waitress & bar tender. My ADN from community college. Current tuition at community college approx $800 per semester in state tuition, BSN program tuition about $3,000 per semester. Look at state colleges, community colleges.