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PollywogNP has 45 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, LPN, NP and specializes in Med-Surg/Tele/ER/Urgent Care.

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  1. PollywogNP

    Sleeping On Unit

    And the ones that made the complaint did not pull out their cellphone to take a picture of you asleep?.... Why not? Where is the proof? We all carry our cellphones no matter what the policy is, there are cellphones everywhere! Lomg time ago nig...
  2. PollywogNP

    Need advice! 😩😩

    That’s exactly what I was going to say! The tuition is about $2500 per semester or less. My daughter got her paramedic at Valencia last year. That LPN school sound like a For Profit school judging form the cost of tuition. Do they accept anyone ...
  3. What is HDFS?
  4. PollywogNP

    Which one is better CNA or X-ray tech

    CNA is short program less than one semester or a couple months. Radiology Tech is an associate degree with similar prerequisite courses as nursing.
  5. Back in the 1980s, “STAT Banana”, for low potassium! There was a RED phone with no dial that was a direct line to switchboard for codes & other emergencies. I debated using it to call the kitchen for the banana. Back in the 1980s, “ST...
  6. PollywogNP

    They Changed My Resignation To Being Fired

    I have never heard being fired is reportable to BON in any state I have had license. What would be the purpose?
  7. PollywogNP

    LVN Challenge Method Then LVN to RN

    What is challenge method LVN?
  8. PollywogNP

    I need help with Math!

    Show us your math.
  9. PollywogNP

    Salary or hourly for 7 on/7 off on-call overnights

    5PM to 9AM is 16 hours, that you must be available but you would only get paid for 8 hours? Is that even legal? Are you going to have to do admissions after 5 pm or just if pt calls? Do you earn sick leave or PTO?
  10. PollywogNP

    Am I required to take a nursing student?

    Continue to politely decline. She is ignoring you and her response that “you’re perfect to precept” is a smoke screen. Be emphatic that you are still learning ( typically new nurses have about 2 year learning curve. ) Clearly state you decline....
  11. PollywogNP


    You can’t have BSN as part of your name. You need to change it.
  12. PollywogNP


    You already have BSN? Or are prenursing student?
  13. PollywogNP

    Skills Testing

    It might be your school. I taught in 3 different programs and skills checklists certain procedures must be performed or it was a failure.
  14. PollywogNP

    Skills Testing

    What’s the purpose of this question?
  15. PollywogNP

    Healthcare And Birthdate Imperative

    Just recently went to optometrist for eye exam. No one asked for identifier besides first, last name. It was thru VA. The doc asked how I qualified for VA health care, first weird question. Cuz I was Navy Nurse. Then he says so last visit was Februar...