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Former Faculty, ex Navy Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner in Urgent Care

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PollywogNP has 41 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, LPN, NP and specializes in Med-Surg/Tele/ER/Urgent Care.

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  1. PollywogNP

    Is it an ethical violation to quit a job before you start?

    Which of these jobs owes you the 10k bonus? If they and you signed a contract saying they would pay the bonus, they are obligated to pay it. It does not matter if you’re a 1099 which means you’re responsible for all the taxes, social security etc& not a W2 employee. If they wrote it into the contract they must pay it. I have had different jobs as a FNP, some were 1099/independent contractor, some part time or full time W2 employee. Usualy independent contractor there are no benefits, no CME,etc, but the contract says if paid by the hour or per visit or flat salary. If they offered bonus it is still part of the contract & it sounds like they are trying to get out of paying the bonus. Have a lawyer that does co tracts look at it, it’s worth your time.
  2. PollywogNP

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    Wait, ?School physician? I have never heard of this! Please explain!
  3. PollywogNP

    What can I do with my MSN-FNP that doesn't require much patient contact

    The same patients that you see in primary care show up in urgent care often for chronic conditions that they have failed to keep/make apts or fup with PCP. Abdominal pain x 1 year, incontinence, med refills, ingrown toenails, knee/back pain, rashes for 7 years (and he was mad I didn’t know what was causing his rash), kidney stones etc etc etc. It’s not all sore throats, pink eye & uti’s. Most urgent cares expect you to interpret X-rays, splint/cast, suture & minor procedures such as removing ingrown toenails. And it is fast paced 3-4 patients per hour is typical, many its 12 hour shifts. And it’s complicated as they don’t know the name of their doctor/s or the meds they take or allergies.
  4. PollywogNP

    Grand Canyon DNP Program

    GCU is private religious university owned and has always been more expensive
  5. What is an “RL Solution “?
  6. PollywogNP

    Discussion about CE Broker

    New Mexico requires it and it will not tell you what the deficit is unless you pay, it is a 7 day one time free trial but I forgot to cancel it. For NPs the other problem is it does not separate pharmacology CEUs and the instructions were not clear that we need to separate the 30 CEUs for our RN license from the 20 CEUs needed for NP license. It’s problematic as NPs that attend medical conferences That award CMEs , but many do not award CEUs, that could be counted towards RN license. Before CE Broker all CME was credited per BON.
  7. PollywogNP

    Spacers: Do you order extra?

  8. PollywogNP

    Spacers: Do you order extra?

    You can use the accordion tubing that comes with some nebulizer kits as a spacer. I worked for an asthma clinic & we would order the blue accordion tubing by the foot in a giant roll that we cut with scissors.
  9. PollywogNP

    Reasons To Become IV Certified

    What state are you in? Locally all RNs perform IVs without getting certification, just like other procedures such as inserting NGs & Foley’s. IV teams I only saw at one hospital in Phoenix in the early 1980s. LPNs do need to have the training & certification. It’s not that big a deal.
  10. PollywogNP

    Certified Medical Spanish Interpreter transitioning to RN

    I am a FNP & was a certified Spanish interpreter at a local facility, many staff including RNs/LPNs,RT,PT,etc etc are also certified interpreters but this is near El Paso TX/Mexico border. Spanish is my first language but I did have to take an exam. There are 2 levels of interepreters, the highest level qualified to interpret for consents, physicians, procedures. I became certified so I didn’t have to rely on the receptionist or medical assistant interpreting for me for legal purposes. In this part of the USA, frequently job ads will say Spanish required for nurses and nurse practitioners. I have interpreted for over 40 years as a nurse but would have to remind other staff frequently that I was hired as a nurse and not as an interpreter so that I did not leave my patients unattended. If I was not able to interpret due to my patient needs I simply stated that fact.
  11. PollywogNP

    Immunizations for uninsured

    Do you qualify for Medicaid?
  12. PollywogNP

    Translating at Work

    One local hospital also certifies Spanish interpreters level one can only interpret casual conversations. Level two interpreters can interpret for legal documents such as informed consent. Using language line services has its problems. When I was teaching nursing my student use the language line. The patient asked about her Foley catheter and use the word “sonda” (from ureteral sound device), language line interpreter thought the patient was asking about her intravenous catheter and use the word we do not use in Mexican American Spanish. I asked the interpreter if she was Puerto Rican which she was. I have been interpreting for over 42 years as a native Spanish speaker you do have to be careful in using correct medical terminology you need to identify the country of origin for whatever language is being spoken because there are different words used in south western United States Spanish depending on if the patient is Cuban Puerto Rican or from another South American countries such as Guatemala. Yes I am familiar with certain words used in South America to describe gastrointestinal anatomy such as the rectum. The common word used there to Mexican Americans is considered a vulgar term. Culo which means butt or *** in some Spanish speaking countries to Mexican Spanish speakers is a very impolite term.
  13. PollywogNP

    Specialize as an NP ??? Which one??

    Are you FNP?
  14. PollywogNP

    Patient with platelet count of 3?

    I had ITP prior to my pregnancy and had HELLP syndrome that was not detected until 2 hours after delivering when they could not get the vaginal bleeding to stop. My platelet count was 40! And yup LFTs were elevated. Miraculously the bleeding stopped. Both hematologist & oncologists suspect the ITP was precursor to HELLP and to my NHL that developed 17 years later. So, back to your pt that didn’t survive, wonder if it was HELLP that was missed? This happens often.
  15. PollywogNP

    Patient with platelet count of 3?

    This sounds more like HELLP syndrome.
  16. PollywogNP

    Still working as a CNA with RN license - resign?

    They have known all along where you were headed. I would not feel guilty at all, they have ignored you. I would give the required notice as not to burn bridges but would hand in resignation letter to the manager that thinks it is ok for someone to work "8" months (crazy) as CNA instead of RN. Sounds like they are not excited for you, did they even acknowledge your accomplishment? Did they hire any new grads from May 2019? It is August now. Talk to HR/ give your notice but I would move on.

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