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    Job Flip-Flopping: When Will I Find My Place?

    You are being abused which is so common for employers to do to their employees. I think you like the Home Health Care. Be firm with your employer about your working schedule and not to call you on your day off. It is intrusive, disrespectful and unprofessional. I know it is easier said than done......but, we really need to stand-up to these type of employers! This is what you can do....legally. Write down on an employment form the schedule you are available to work. Anything having to do with extra work/overtime....check...No. This is VERY important! If your employer won’t respect this and keeps calling/texting during your days off......document. Complete screen shots and call logs, etc. If you can have these ‘are you available to work?’ conversations on texts...even better! If your employer takes action against you (such as starts to give you less hours to hurt you financially) or fires you.... Then you have a legal claim for wrongful termination and even retaliation. I know this can be seen as drastic......but, as you know some employers have no shame and will try to work you 24/7/365....not, giving a care about your quality of life. They just want to make money exploiting us!
  2. Surfersparadise

    Nurse Chef

    Awesome! Certified Dietary Manager! Course and test information at Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals. (ANFP) Not a scam! It is the path for Dietary Chefs. Talk to RD at the hospital. CDM work with RDs. RDs prescribe the diet and CDM cook it. You might still want to remain a RN.....but, it will be a very good comprehensive educational course that is concentrated in everything medical dietary cooking. It is recognized and not expensive. You find CDM mostly at nursing home facilities, hospitals and in the military.