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  1. monkeymagic888

    Burn icu for crna?

    I was wondering how competitive burn icu’s are in a level one trauma center for crna programs? It’s an 18-bed Burns icu/ Peds icu. It takes overflow patients from the other icus as well. The hospital is the only verified regional burn center for the four states surrounding it. I was wondering what are the kinds of things bicu nurses do that would impress crna programs? Thanks:)
  2. monkeymagic888

    Neuro ICU vs CCU???

    Hi all, I'm really split on this... I live in Seattle and have been offered a position at the Neuro ICU at Harborview Medical Center (the only one level 1 trauma center in the WWAMI region) AND I've also been offered a CCU position at UW Medical Center. UWMC is not a trauma hospital but I could imagine CCU would give me more applicable experience than a neuro floor would when it comes to CRNA school apps. What do you all think I should take? THANKS:)