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  1. Potats

    ESRD RN to L&D

    @klone There is NP in OB/GYN, which covers L&D as well. You're right, it's not L&D specific. I will take both your and @aspiringcnm3 's advice to wait until I'm hired before taking the certs.. I guess I got a bit overeager to equip myself with as much info as I could before my first day. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Potats

    ESRD RN to L&D

    HALP! I am so far out of my depth- I've had two anxiety attacks this weekend over this insane life-changing decision I've made and I can't backtrack. SO- A bit about me. 26 year old RN with 6 years RN experience- 4 in management. I have been a floor nurse, clinical coordinator, nurse manager and facility administrator in a few dialysis clinics across the U.S. Going to be honest- Dialysis is wearing me down and I find myself becoming cynical and the worst version of myself. I am recently engaged to a wonderful man and will be a stepmom to a gorgeous 2 year old next year- so I need a change of environment..I need to go into work with the hope that I'm making a difference and truly helping my patient and their family. I know it won't be roses and baby laughter every day- but I need a change from the chronically ill. I have a master's degree in healthcare administration and the Boss life was fun for a bit but the stress started to burn me out faster than I expected. Basically, I missed the direct patient care and the inability to make necessary changes at the managerial level left me crestfallen and bitter by the end of the day. So in short - I am on the verge of starting my own family and I want to be part of the joy that comes with family focused nursing. I am looking to further my practice in the next few years- either to DNP or NP in L&D (but I need a base first) SO- I've been advised to get my Neonatal resuscitation cert, my ACLS and advanced fetal heart monitoring cert. Does anyone know if an AWHONN membership is worth having to get access to the FHR course? Will I have to pay extra in order to take all the classes provided or are they included? What books will be useful (I have the AWHONN FHR book already). What should I mentally prepare myself for? What should I keep in mind during the interviews? What skills beget a solid L&D nurse? And anything else you think I should know about this role before I go into it- Thank you!! Much Love -Potats