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  1. hello all!! i am currently a 20yr old female & will be starting my 3 year BSN program in the fall, which i will graduate from in spring 2022. i am very interested in joining the military for nursing & have been for quite some time however i have a few questions. first, my hopes are to work overseas in different countries and help treat soldiers & civilians. i definitely want to join the military for nursing however i’m leaning towards maybe a 5 year max service, as i would prefer the “civilian nurse” lifestyle for when i’m married / have kids which is why i want to become a military nurse in my early-mid 20s (i will graduate with my BSN/RN at 23) i understand i probably won’t get deployed overseas right away, but i would prefer to travel & work overseas (Germany, Korea etc ) as soon as possible. i am wondering which branch i would be able to work oversees the “quickest” and how long the commitments are for the different branches. secondly, i’m wondering if i should look into joining ROTC at my college to help me in the military nursing field/future application process or if it’s too difficult to do both while in nursing school?? thirdly, is it recommend to join the military as a nurse as a new grad or is it better to get 1-2 years of civilian experience before entering the military field. i understand the application process can be quite lengthy of about a year or more, so should i begin the application process during my last year/semester of nursing school or is it better to work as a nurse first and while i work to apply??also, i am wondering if there are any GPA requirements that you need to attain in nursing school because of the competitiveness of military nursing? or any certifications that may help? thirdly, are there any summer volunteer programs to gain experience working in the military field under nurses?? i have my CNA license too. or any sort of organizations to help people abroad in the medical field?? i’m sure there are but i don’t know of any organizations (haven’t researched much) i completely understand i’m still 3 years ahead of even graduating but i like to plan ahead & ANY information/advice would be much appreciated! i have begun researching the branches but i would love to hear any additional insight! thanks in advance!