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  1. Hi all, I am a returning student and want to complete my education in RN even though I am not into the program yet. I am currently thinking of where to start again and feel lost what to do since I was not in school for a while. Back in fall 2018, I finished prerequisite courses and general core requirements for nursing program in hunter college. After that, I applied their nursing program, but I did not get in because I was supposed to be a matriculated student while I am applying their program. Since then, I stopped going to school because of financial problem and worked full time as medical assistant to support my family until now. Currently everything becomes stable, and I can finally focus on finishing what I left but feel lost where to start. Shall I apply every nursing programs in NYC or shall I just go back to hunter college and focus on their requirements since every colleges have different requirements and different entrance exams? Thank you so much and I am very grateful for any advices.