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  1. Gabriel Lopez

    ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    Not really. They mentioned parking was an issue and that you can park across the street if you carpool with 4 people and it’ll be free. Otherwise you park about a mile away. The program was fun. The program felt like it was more geared toward helping people decide to make a deposit/accept admission into Duke. However, I thought that you had to pay the deposit to attend the event. But it was great being able to ask students and faculty questions. Biggest thing I remember is mandatory orientation is January 6 & 7 and during that time we will all take CPR/BLS class through Duke even if you are already certified. Oh and they’ll create the Facebook page for our cohort in a couple weeks and they’ll send out invitations to join the group.
  2. Gabriel Lopez

    ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    I didn’t have one I thought but at the duke days event they mentioned duke email and I checked it and saw that it was sent to my duke email not the one I used for my application.
  3. Gabriel Lopez

    Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    I’m a new nursing student and I’m considering this position. Can anyone tell me what the pay is for the position? Also, does this position happen before you graduate or after you graduate?