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momoneypls has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. I've come off a couple of travel assignments, and in both I found the staff pretty brutal. It's like bullying and hazing all rolled into one. I think that's why we earn the $ is because we have to tolerate unprofessional, insensitive nonsense from co...
  2. New Grad OB Position

    By OB you mean L/D, right? By training in this field you are considered a professionally skilled nurse. No one else can just step in and deliver a baby in crisis and tend to the mother as well. I did some float time in L/D and that was some highly s...
  3. oooh, tele for sure
  4. Considering quitting nursing

    What you are feeling is very common for a new nurse, so please don't give up yet! Part of finding your niche in this profession is discovering what you don't like or want; that is what eventually leads to discovering the area where you will truly th...
  5. Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    Is this not a thread regarding healthcare workers who are upset that they have to take a vaccine that may prevent the spread of covid-- begun by yourself? This deviation from the topic at hand feels like a forced diversion; comparing a disease that y...
  6. Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    these behaviors are not contagious and imminently dangerous to those who come to you for help
  7. I’m Out … (Cue Mic Drop)

    Travel nurse! That's what I did! I cannot stand my current area of CA and their anti vax bs. Come to sunny CA and get some $$$. Anywhere in Los Angeles county is good. If you miss the anti vax stuff a little, come down my way in OC, everyone has it...
  8. COVID-19: Stimulus Checks for Teachers?

    As most people know, children are snot-laden vectors of nasty diseases. No one can superspread like a group of kids, NO ONE. Not to mention having to teach 30 of them at once, it is a daily health hazard. Now, with people unwilling to vaccinat...
  9. "So, I'm not allowed to give any advice regarding whether you decide to vaccinate your child or not." "My close friend left her nice ER job to go to San Diego Rady to treat all of the covid positive children there, such a shame their parents can...
  10. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    If you are treating patients and you are not vaccinated and they are not vaccinated, you might be unwittingly spreading Covid to them and everyone else you come into contact with. The vaccine does not kill you, but Covid does. What does this say abou...
  11. How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    I am feeling this topic and feeling it hard. I work for a facility in California in an ER which doesn't go on diversion when we are a packed house. Night shift is 90 percent new grad and 10 percent experienced. I live in an area where the vaccine is ...
  12. Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    The wife certainly had reason to do what she did to protect herself and her loved one. It was likely upsetting to the nurse too but I'm hoping that he or she can understand the context.
  13. Feel Awful after 1st COVID Vaccination

    I worked in a vaccine clinic, a really big one run by Kaiser. A lot of our patients who had really severe symptoms actually had covid not long before; some didn't even know about it. A little later, a lot of patients were told to wait 90 days after ...
  14. Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    I would ask how you feel about contracting Covid and then giving it to those patients you're caring for. Many cancer patients are unable to generate a high enough titer of vaccine to offer protection; our oncologists actually have them taper off imm...
  15. Advice on nursing in Jacksonville FL

    This looks like a golden opportunity to try travel nursing. You can use your NJ address to make additional $$ as a traveler, get a contract in Jacksonville or nearby, and have a chance to "sample" your hospital before committing. Once you have found ...