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  1. Hi, what questions did you have?

    1. TheSameVein

      TheSameVein, BSN, RN

      Hi, thank you so much! I know that you're in the first half of the program but I am curious as to what people do for housing during clinicals when it's not provided yet you're moving around every 2 months. Would you have an apartment in New Orleans and then also have to get an additional place for 2 months while you complete your rotation? 

      Edit: Also, in what area of town do most students live? 

    2. kbn1993


      No problem at all.

      Correct. Most students try to reach out to other classmates to see if anyone has any friends or family they could stay with around the assigned clinical site or commute if it's <2 hours away. Some choose to just rent a hotel or airbnb. 

      A lot of people live in uptown, Lakeview, or Metairie. 

    3. TheSameVein

      TheSameVein, BSN, RN

      Thank you for the info! Overall, how do you feel about the program so far? I'm sure that it's tough. Do you feel that it is organized and do you feel well supported by faculty? 

      I have been told that it is somewhat of a weed-out program and wanted to know thoughts on that as well. 


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