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  1. css0971

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    They say there is some truth in fiction so You can watch a few movies about Nurse or medical school like The White Parade (1934), Four Girls In White (1939), Gross Anatomy (1989), Patch Adams (1998), Bad Medicine (1985). Then remember that the Professor is going to teach you what you need to know to pass the class; and to follow the good advice the other posters have already stated.
  2. css0971

    Myth or Truth: The Story Behind the Nursing Shortage

    The real shortage is a combination of the places nobody wants to live, For the job nobody wants with the low pay. There is no shortage for the great jobs where everybody wants to live.
  3. css0971

    Student Helpers

    Have them roll ACE bandages that will never be used and have them re do it as needed. Sort, and fold the clothing bins, first your office then the lost and found; maybe weekly, Empty the recycling, mix a bunch of band aids or pens and pencils and have them sort by size type and color.
  4. css0971

    Rural /remote nursing

    The Bureau of Indian Affairs will have the information you are after.
  5. css0971

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Student Loan Assistance, Membership for a year to Amazon Prime or something similar, Maid and or childcare services to help nurses at home.
  6. css0971

    what should i do to get emergency experience?

    Most certifications that you will need are not available until after you become a full nurse. However some things you can do now is phlebotomy certification, FEMA Self Study Certifications ICS 100c, ICS 700b., EMT-B., CDC also has some online CE courses that may be helpful. You can also talk to ED Director at your hospital and see if you can attend there in house training
  7. css0971

    Help.... Can't find a job after nursing school

    If you are still looking maybe you could try looking for a City or County job, the VA (USAjobs.com), religious employers like Good Samaritan Society, prisons,
  8. css0971

    Sunday Breakfast Recipes

    I think you want easy and low in price. Peanut butter toast. If the peanut butter is served heated a it changes the taste and texture which will make it new and exciting to children. Take sour cream and mix it with ranch dressing. This will make a thick flavorful dip serve with cut vegetables. Eggs and fried lunch meat and potatoes. The lunch meat (depending on what you buy) is cheaper than bacon and you will have more per package than other breakfast meats. This can be served sperate in a wrap, and so on.
  9. css0971

    HELP! New grad ADN w no experience.

    Include things that your potential employer will not have to pay for. For example where I am a fingerprint card is required to work as a nurse. Having obtained one for schooling including it on the resume makes it more appealing.
  10. css0971

    Need help with manual blood pressure readings

    While in school I had trouble with some stethoscopes so I would use only one ear and place the other ear piece outside of my ear and was able to get the readings right every time. There was another trick I used. I would fans to make a noise then use a TV or radio set low usually 8 or less on the volume level then focus on listening. I got better at tuning out other noise and hearing the low sounds I want to hear. maybe one of these things will work for you.
  11. css0971

    army/AF/navy — advice for nursing student needed

    The big ones Doctors Without Boarders, Peace Core, want people with education a lot higher than a CNA. The WHO does have internships. Otherwise a religious organizations might have something. You could become an EMT for emergency experience but check with a recruiter to know if that will help you or not. As for Military Healthcare Volunteer work I only know of the VA.
  12. css0971

    Help with extra class

    You can ask your adviser for a class to raise your grade point average they usually have a few that are good for financial aid. A computer class like access and excel, sign language, a physical education are useful.
  13. If one freezes in place and does not move the T-Rex will not see you and move on. However this trick does not work with the nursing student that has come to practice taking vitals.
  14. css0971

    New CNA job help

    Did you find a job? What was it? How long did it take? What did you do to gain an advantage?
  15. css0971

    What books did you guys recommend for the start of career

    The House of God by Samuel Shem it is a memoir about a Doctor going though his residency. Medical Journals like AJN