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  1. nursedownsouth

    Registering for NCLEX in GA

    Hello! I recently moved from Florida to Georgia and have been having some confusion on how to register to take the NCLEX here in Georgia. When I went to the GA BON website, the online application did not ask me about any information regarding nursing...
  2. nursedownsouth

    145 Questions & Bad Pop Up

    Hi! I took my NCLEX this morning at 8 and got all 145 questions 😞 I thought I was doing pretty good because I was getting a lot of SATA’s, but then the questions kept coming until I got all of them. In total, I received ~43 SATAs, 1 picture, and 1 ex...
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently in my second to last semester of nursing school and am looking into applying for nurse residency programs. I would like to know what would be the best way(s) to make myself a competitive applicant for these pr...
  4. nursedownsouth

    University of South Florida (USF) ABSN Summer 2020

    Okay I’m gonna make it under USF ABSN Spring 2020! You guys just have to request to join
  5. nursedownsouth

    University of South Florida (USF) ABSN Summer 2020

    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  6. nursedownsouth

    University of South Florida (USF) ABSN Summer 2020

    Not yet but I’ve been stalking my email waiting to hear back. I know they said they’ll let us know a week or two after the deadline and it hasn’t been a week quite yet so I’m hoping that’s the reason
  7. nursedownsouth

    Personal Statement Advice

    Hey guys, I am starting my applications for nursing school soon and I am a little bit worried about the personal statement part of it. Im not sure what to write or how to be "convincing". I don't want to be cast off or not considered because of my p...