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    San Antonio Methodist Nurse Residency

    I'll be working at the children's hospital! :)
  2. vangoghfan77

    Failed, so what next

  3. vangoghfan77

    Seattle Children's New Grad October 2019

    No :/
  4. vangoghfan77

    Seattle Children's New Grad October 2019

    It’s an online license transfer thing that is required if you’re applying to get a WA nurse license.
  5. vangoghfan77

    San Antonio Methodist Nurse Residency

    Hello! So I recently accepted an offer into the San Antonio Methodist Nurse Residency Program and will officially start August 19, 2019. A little background about me: I grew up in SA but went to college in a different Texas city. I don't keep in close contact with people I went to high school with and would love to get in contact with some of y'all who are either going to be in the residency program with me or are a new nurse in San Antonio! If anyone has any questions about the residency program I'm also open!! Also, if anyone is in the Methodist program or completed the residency program some more insider tips or information would be really appreciated!
  6. vangoghfan77

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG

    I never paid, I was able to check my state's BON website before the quick results even came out :)
  7. vangoghfan77

    ATI comp predictor question

    I know this post is a bit old but I thought I'd reply in case anyone else ever has a similar question. I had several instructors say that the predictor isn't really that accurate but I got a 96% chance of passing NCLEX and passed on my first attempt! For my school at least we had a very busy semester that required lots of clinical hours then the predictor was kind of randomly thrown in there so it didn't really give anytime to prepare whereas for the NCLEX most people have at least a full month devoted to studying.
  8. vangoghfan77


    I had to take ATI exams all throughout school and in my last semester had to do the ATI predictor exam. ATI tests are notoriously super specific so honestly the only real way to study is to go through the entire books. Cathy Parks also has amazing videos on youtube!! She breaks down almost every chapter and really highlights the important info. I truly believe she is the sole reason I passed the dreaded pharm ATI exam haha so check her out if you can
  9. vangoghfan77

    My NCLEX Experience

    Hi everyone! I found out I passed my NCLEX-RN this morning and figured I would talk about my experience and how I studied because I really appreciated reading other people's posts and perspectives! Sorry in advance if this is a lengthy post, I just don’t want to leave anything out. I graduated May 18th and signed up to take my NCLEX June 25th. I was a fairly good student but when I finally sat down to study for my exam I felt like I knew nothing and hadn’t retained anything lol. My school actually provided a free 30 day subscription to Uworld. This was just the question bank, not the assessment tests. I worked through all of the questions and had a pretty random study schedule. I did all the questions by topic and would answer questions until I felt burnt out. I marked LOTS of questions and focused heavily on the ones I got wrong. I read and hand wrote rationales for almost all of the questions I got wrong. If you do use Uworld I would focus heavily on the rationales and don’t just try and memorize large chunks of content. I also had a Saunders physical textbook that I planned to read through completely...that did not happen. After reading and taking notes on about 15 chapters I realized I was not absorbing anything. The questions at the end of the chapters were usually way too easy as well. I did study a bit the day before my exam, focusing on the content I felt weakest in. I went into my exam feeling very anxious and nervous. I ended up getting around 130 questions. I somehow sped through my test and finished in a little under two hours. I didn’t feel confident about many questions and when I left the testing room I really thought I’d failed. I’m now learning that most people feel like that after the exam. I did the Pearson Vue trick many many times and got the bad pop up every time...I did end up passing though!! I would tell everyone to just avoid doing the trick but I know everyone feels anxious after the exam and a quick result sounds appealing. If anyone has any specific questions about Uworld or the Nclex feel free to ask!!
  10. vangoghfan77

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG

    Hi everyone, I felt I had to post this!! I took my NCLEX on Tuesday and left feeling super down, I literally felt confident about maybe 20 questions. I cried A LOT and was pretty sure I failed. I did the Pearson Vue trick no less than 1000 times and got the “bad pop up” every time. I read post after post about how the trick is supposedly 99.9% accurate which made me even more depressed. I was already looking into which cities I could travel to to attend an in-person NCLEX review! Checked my state’s BON website this morning and low and behold my name popped up under RN license verification!!! So the Pearson Vue trick was wrong! I followed all of the specific instructions and never once got the good pop up. If the trick works for you and you get a good pop up congrats! I don’t think I’ve ever read about anyone getting a false positive so the good pop seems to be pretty accurate. If you get the bad pop up though don’t worry, the trick is not guaranteed. Pearson Vue should honestly look into the little trick because it just adds to everyone’s anxiety and is really just a weird site error that should not be used to check NCLEX results. Good luck y’all and feel free to ask me anything!